When a woman is outta control in the relationship. whos at fault?

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a while ago one of my freinds got divorced because of his lady was just treating him like shit.

well we saw the nigga last night and chopped it up.

he was saying how much he still hated her and that she was always outta pocket and outta control.

now my homie said to the nigga it was his fault for not having her in control and letting her be like that and that he should have did something to straighten her out.

but short of kickin her ass i dont see what he could have did

i look at it like he shouldnt have been with her from the get go

but another homie asked why should he have to do anything....she is an adult and should act accordingly. and why should she act like a bitch just because she can. when you do something just because you can it should your lack of control as a person

so whos more at fault

him for not controlling her
or her for being outta control just because she can


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