rappers who took a Baphomet oath can not point the finger at drug dealers.

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for one thing, alot of rappers had it twisted. Drug dealers were not devil worshippers just crooks. Alot of drug dealers were black panthers, and most blacks who started selling drugs started selling drugs because this country was so racist at one time they wouldnt give a black man a job...and they would pay black women very little.

In the drug game people do not kill their children on purpose for bloody sacrafices. or want their daughters to be whores. Thats the curse of living a crooked lifestlye thats what happens to some people, but thats not why they are selling drugs, kill or destroy. The drug market is a just like the liquor market to some people. its a chemical product that destroys people who have abusive use. Its illegal, but it do not make u a satanist.

I was born and raised in the drug game. Females like me are getting killed today, for mistaken idenity. They think we are devil worshippers because we were raised by gangsters. People are pointing the blame this way, when they shouldnt be.
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