The I Watched Recently Thread *possible spoilers*

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Steven Spielberg once said that he does "Movie Orgy" every now and again where he will watch several films in over a week's time. Well I recently did this thanks to Redbox and Blockbuster express where films are only a Dollar. From April 6th to 16th over 10 days I watched 18 films, here are the movies I watched, mind you I haven't seen any of them

The Hunger Games (Theater)- C+
Captain America B-
The Hangover II- C
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo- B+
Thor- C +
Contagion- B -
The Killer Elite- D
Hanna- B -
Green Lateran- C +
J. Edgar- C -
In Time- C
The Adventures of Tin-Tin- B -
Real Steel - C +
Drive - A
Colombiana - C+
Zodiac (Finally finished Ficher's Whole catalog) - B +
Vantage Point- C +
Gone Baby Gone- A

It was pretty cool to catch on on so many movies I hadn't seen. Overall, "Gone Baby Gone" and "Drive" had the most impact.


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