Ladies, Are you Crazy?

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Do you go through your man's phone and call women back? Check his email, fb and other social networking profiles? Try to hang out with him and his friends to make sure he really is where he says he is? Do you give women the "evil eye" if you think they're flirting or being too nice with him?

I've only had one "crazy" experience...

Once when I was about 19, we all piled up in my girl's mother's car and followed my ex from one side of town to the next. He was driving like a bat out of hell and we were on his heels like the police. LOL! Sure enough he meets a girl at the mall. I stayed in the car (b/c I didn't want to see), but a few of them went in and "bumped" into them. Words were exchanged and the girl left.

He was begging and pleading with me and my silly "in love" behind stayed. A few days later, I accidentally crashed his Lexus. Oops :(

That's pretty mild compared to stories I've heard. I've never done anything "crazy" after that.

Share your story or if you've always been super mature, share your "friend's" story ;) Fellas, chime in, too. You ever dealt with a crazy woman?



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