Does anyone else on here use Isotope Nectar, and if so...

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whats a good setting for beats and or vocals, i never used it b4


Keef has quotables in the original that your remix isn't fuckin' wit.

Them hoes they do it for Sosa
Tadoe off the Molly water
So nigga be cool like water
Fore you get hit with this lava

Bitch I'm the trending topic
Don't care no price I'll cop it b
And yo bitch steady jockin' me

Yall want a thug or a black militant repping your culture but 90% of you had a life too good or privileged to relate to your ideal hip hop "legend". Niggas wanna be hard without being that hard themselves as compensation
please don't argue, cuz if u say sum stupid i will question it and u will act like a victim, happens every time lol
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