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907 kid, top of the worrrrrlllllldddd!

907 Kid907 Kid Posts: 15
edited April 2012 in Roc Tha Mic
Still havent done a single show but somehow
DJD still tote a big bankroll
how I come through blazin call me Mr. fireman
complete with the hose, it all part the plan
better recognize, aint joking bout that
seriously, killin shit, DJD, dont slip
no joke, bout that, and I know the chick that
for a couple quarters put a hole in ya 50 cap
never on that silly shit, spotlight, stealin it
shine in the night like my frostbit wrist
cold as it really get, on that kenai river shit
something like a product of my environment
north, north side, im forever AK
in a big boy ride, go wherever I may
their full of shit when you hear them say
its impossible, youll never see the DAAAAY


907, in the A, blood vette, go big
907 kid and I bump dirt hustle
and i talk my shit, DJD got no muzzle
puzzled, other haters look, they glare
bitches will stare, now picture this bitch
I granted her wish when I stamped that chick
when I tell em ill call, they wait on that shit
and when I take em to the mall, they loooove that shit hahaha
leave them sore and they still wantin more
just begging to see what else I got in store
cause im hot like chena, fresh like AH!
they're just like blah blah, fuck me, blah blah
your amazing (thats right), your the best (uh huh)
youd make such a good da da, (uh uuuhh!)
just give them dick, then throw the deuce
no love for the trick cause it fucks with my moooves!!!

whats next? well lets, just say I got this
gave you a chance, but the pots still shitless
better steal a flow, better jack a beat
cause that positive shit, well it just got weak! *local jab at a douche who does both*
scrap that shit, better ditch that man
I hope you got a B, C and D plan
dont worry about me man, I just win
only thing im bad at, well just losin!!

have it on beat with epic flow guitar coming in and out though the verses, didnt post the second half of third verse because its effing amazing and also dont post the chorus cause its epic as fuuuuuck! flow in laid back but my voice compliments it, only a couple adlibs,...what else...oh the tempo I think is....110? dont quote me, im not at our studio to double check....anywho, on paper it might seem different but the audio is guarenteed to make your head bop, make their panties drop and make the shit talkers stop lol...youd crack a smile of 'sumbitch....'

what you guys think?
btw I know it isnt that deep, wasnt the goal for this song.


  • 907 Kid907 Kid Posts: 15
    (dark hip hop beat, think..dark like carnival music but not on some ICP shit, kinda eeire)

    (clears throat)
    Whip has got a dro leak
    tinted windows, low key
    got her doing the kinda shit
    belongs on a DVD
    im killin it, black bag
    leave that ass, with a tag
    L.O.V.E. M.I.A.
    just leave that pussy K.I.Ayyye (chorus transition)

    chorus is like...you know that sound for like a P.A. system or a message on a phone? kinda distorted, but not like a fuckin ransom phone call...it has that effect.

    I try to be the stand up guy
    I never fail to handle mine
    I fuck that chick dont love her though
    about my dough as cold as my flow

    that was the first half of the chorus, decided that cause the first 2 bars are powerful and i figured it summed up the song, which is in a nutshell, a guy who uses his skills to put on a front and makes a girl fall in love with him, meanwhile he knows what he is doing is wrong, but is okay with it because hes been burned too many times, the song is nice for that too, you know what? its all legit man lol...
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