Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you might die?

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I was in high school. Had just got out of football practice and was walking to the bus stop with some teammates to go home. A large group of students from the school were walking up on this dude who live down the street from the school and he was talking crazy. So basically they was bout to jump dude. So he runs in his house and gets a bat and comes back out. The group stops. So then the dude gets on his phone and calls someone. not more than 5 minute later about 4 cars pull up and about 15 dudes hop out. They had bats, big metal chains, guns, and one dude had a rambo knife no lie. So I guess dude tells them everybody who was out there was trying to jump him. So they randomly start beating the shit outta people. Me and my teammates post up and basically waiting for someone to try something. We see people getting hit with bats and chains and what not and people getting stomped out. Then we heard gunshots so we ran. I thought it was over for me that day. But I posted up in the store and escaped the madness. That was a crazy day....

Yall had any stories where you thought you might die?


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