Why Eminem is the Greatest Rapper Of All Time Dead Or Alive in my opinion

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I think he has 3 classic Albums which i play from start to finish with out skipping any tracks Musically Albums that i can listen to and never get bored of. The Slim Shady LP, The MMLP and The Eminem Show.

I can relate to his Songs like Rock Bottom, 8 MIle Road, Hailies Song, Beautiful, Going Through Changes, If I Had, Cleaning Out My Closet, Superman etc cos i been through a lotta the pain and issues he Raps about like poverty, family troubles, parenting etc

I think he is the best Song Writter cos he can Write any type of Song from crafting Songs with Lyrics people Emotionally connect to as well as Writting Songs people are entertained by, can Write the most perfect Hooks.

His Music has connected with so many people around the globe and helped so many get through tough times like he experienced and made Songs about such as things like poverty.

He is the Hook Maker ever IMO as far as consistant Hits where he Writes and Sings or Performs the Hooks for his biggest Hits to just delevring classic Hooks on Album tracks.

He uses some of the nicest Beats like Till I Collapse, Lose Yourself, The Way I Am etc

Can Write a Song like Mockingbird then a Song like The Real Slim Shady then a Song like We As Americans then a Song like Superman Produce the track and craft the Hooks himself.

He uses Emotion in his Music like no other Rapper can imo.


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