BATMAN!!!!! (Time To Prepare) -_- Really?????

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Oka i have question in every thread i see about batman whoever he fights. Why is it his fans always say with time to prepare he can win....i mean seriously whose gonna give him time to prepare? Would they stop the fight&let him think of something&how much time does he need a hour maybe two or a whole fucking lifetime? Beacause some of this characters i see yall put him against like thanos or galactus for example are light years smarter&more advanced than batman to the point it almost makes batman look like a caveman. I mean damn batmans only a human and not even the smartest human at that you can give him all the time you want theres some shit he wont be able to figure out about his oppenent or how to win period. Especially if its a character coming from marvel who his never met before. Whose like thousands,millions,or billions of yrs older than him. BATMAN FANS KILL YOURSELVES for saying "If He Had Time To Prepare"
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