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Kill yourself for posting them wack pieces

qdooqdoo Posts: 11
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sustainable trajectory

the tarantula connected at the north of the penninsula
demanded we surrender a feast... for the dracula
but the middle east beast who carried bloody sheets
made a speech in the slums, resurrecting the deceased
it was magic it was science it was fiction death defiant
left alignment steps from dying out of breath, non compliant
who can catch a thief, a cheater, a killer or a liar
activate incinerators, haters, catch on fire
the spider was out of fuel, food, and freaks to do dirt
the demise of the father made the children pursue new hurt
on the million man army silence covered they shirts
the work that was hip was to build a new hurst
that would hit a continent and put the pedal to the metal
the trajectory was plotted warheads split into several
some were nuclear, others were biotoxic chemicals
the eagles iron talons interception play was critical
from the enemy to the arrows of the democracy
the republic for which it stood owed the air apologies
after all they beat the bushes and the snakes came out
no need for charms but luckily the apes came out
the rain soaked into the remains of the war on the ground
the shells from the sea washed on the shores all around
and sustainable forces came like water from faucets
aimed at the counterfeit crosses to pop off the bosses
to add to the losses the opposition was strong
but they buckled at the knees hearing hostages pleas
war and disease spread more till there were few to destroy
tales of the last days when survival meant without joy
girls and boys had to mate to increase the population
water was scarce food was limited dependant on the nation
conversation was sacred to the missions success
staying alive was the last God you needed to impress


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