Do black people get skin cancer as much as whites?

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I was reading the thread about the white lady tanning herself and her child. The comments in the theard was interesting and got me thinking. Do us black people get skin cancer like whites?

I use to think black people didn't get skin cancer. I did some research on google and found out that we do. But who gets skin cancer the most? Black people or white people? I haven't met any black person with skin cancer yet. Have any G&S members have? If so, how many were black or white.

Can you please share you story?

I still think black people getting skin cancer is bullshit. When I think about Africa, The Caribbean, or where ever all shades of black people reside in this world, you dont hear much about it. Are melanin skin is built to handle the rays from the Sun.

Also, how long has skin cancer existed.

Your thoughts and experiences please. Thank you


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