No Homos In My Comics Please

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It may have started before then but before me, it started innocently enough in with Superman #15. Then Captain Maggie Sawyer of Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. Captain Sawyer's daughter had came up missing and she had enlisted the help of Supes to find her kid. Later in the story we learn that Maggie lost custody of her daughter because she was a dyke.

The beauty of this story is that Bryne never uses the word "lesbian," in the story. It's all insinuated. He leaves hints and hope your smart enough to figure it out. Later, in Superman Annual # 2 Inspector Dan Turpin admits to his feelings to himself about Captain Sawyer. He pops up unannounced at her apartment with flowers in hand. Captain Sawyer not realizing Turpin is there refers to her lover as "babe." These are all the instances of homosexuality I have in the about 200 issues of Superman I have. Captain Sawyer is usually shown in her capacity as head of the S.C.U.

Unfortunately this is changing. Slowly but surely Both Marvel and DC are introducing more and more fag and dyke characters. Eventually there will be a fag or dyke in every title the companies put out. Just like it's mandatory on a MTV reality series there's at least on homo in the cast.

I've been a fanboy since I was 13. Comics are a very big part of my life. Due to budgetary constraints I forced to leave the hobby I loved for many years. Now that I'm back I'm not liking what I'm seeing. A major change in direction for Superman and DC for that matter, and the use of "death," gimmicks to sale books among others.

But the homo thing is fucked because there's clearly an agenda being put forth. Like most of the media it's clear that the writers are left leaning and have faggot or dyke relatives or friends, or are themselves dick suckers and butt wranglers. They see sucking dick and twat licking as normal behavior.

I find homosexuality repulsive and disgusting as I do lesbianism. Of course I have that typical hypocritical view of female bisexuality buts another issue. Why are the writers and editors arrogant enough to believe that just because they my like sucking dick, that me the reader wants to read how Batwoman wants to have a threeway with Power Girl and Wonder Woman or how in Ultimate X-Men The Beast wants Logan to give him a prostate exam. Fags and dykes aren't apart of life and I definitely don't want them to be a part of my comics.

Why should this sexual behavior be on display as opposed to a character that has a penchant for exhibitionism, masochism, or pedophilia. Why are writers trying to normalize homosexuality?

And this is the really fucked up part about it. It's cool to have fag and dyke characters running around but where's the conservative right wing Christian, Libertarian or traditional values character? These characters are noticeably absent. To add insult to injury Joe Quesada, Marvel's editor-in-chief banned smoking but allows faggot ass characters in his books. Why is one lifestyle choice acceptable, but the other isn't?
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