The world's population of men are getting softer exponentially in general....

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I mean think about it:

Everyday life: Simping to the highest degree being widely accepted as "how life is", dudes crying about "homophobic slurs" and politically correct-bullshit dominating the airwaves, dudes out here getting their asses kicked by females in the streets, on smack videos, and guys getting openly pimped by the system when chicks want come-ups off of child support.

Sports: Flopping in the NBA, dudes scared to get hit in football, the NFL becoming a flag-football league more and more, the NHL actually trying to ban fighting.

Politics: Mayors, senators, governors getting cased up...over mistresses.

Don't even get me started on music. I'll say this; A leopard-pattern tights wearing dude is now king of Hip-Hop. Nuff said.

Seriously...what the fuck happened to the Y chromosome over the last 40-50 years? Malcolm, JFK, Eishenhower, Wilt Chamberlain, 2Pac, and Marvin Gaye are all breakdancing in their graves right now.

So does this shit get remedied? CAN it be remedied? I'm not saying we have to go back to some cave-man shit, but it's not a stretch to ask dudes to grow cojones again about their lives, word to NO'MAAM.



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