Old Heads Need To Shut The ______ Up!!!!

Leah_BonitaLeah_Bonita Posts: 839
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why is it all this old niggas swear they can put me up on game like idk shit. i maybe yung but im not lame in any department. ya im arrogant but nigga i got it like that i get so tired of old niggas trying to school me...
the reason i say this is cause i had some old ass nigga try to put me up on game abt how to bake da cake calling me lil nigga&shit like we cool.
i told that old peanut head ass nigga to back the fuck up off me. just cause you older den me dont mean you get my respect
old heads need to learn they place in life which is the past this the yung nigga movement right here.

Anybody else feel like old heads need to shut up sometimes. RNS
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