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Here we go... AGAIN:


Brian McKnight Sings About The Joys Of Backdoor Loving

R&B singer-songwriter Brian McKnight is back to his porno ways. A clip of a tune glorifying anal sex has surfaced on the internet. It’s nastier than “If You’re Ready To Learn.”

Brian McKnight’s latest sex jingle was written as a thank you to The porn streaming site helped McKnight’s “If You’re Ready To Learn” sell thousands of copies on iTunes. The track we’ve all come to love as “The P***y Song” became an internet sensation when the porn site began using the song as a greeting when users logged in to their sexy video service.

YouPorn told Brian the best way to thank them for helping his song’s sales was to pen a theme song for the site. McKnight obliged and nailed more ways than one. The lyrics are way nastier than “If You’re Ready To Learn” and are definitely not safe for work. Here’s a sample of the lyrics: “You wanna see some f**king anal, I can get you close enough to smell.”
(This nigga been lookin at too many B. Pumper flicks...)

News Link:

The full unedited song:

I wasn't exactly sure on whether posting this in the R&B section, or in the PPM in Ill Pix. SMH... People just don't give a fuck anymore!


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