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IID Director Caught On Camera Beating Son With Belt For Not Catching Ball

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Anthony-Sanchez-125x188.jpgImperial, CA – A man captured his neighbor, Imperial Irrigation District Director Anthony Sanchez, beating his son with a belt because the boy couldn’t catch a baseball and then posted the video to Youtube.

The video is shot from inside a window of a home that overlooks the backyard of Anthony Sanchez where Sanchez can be seen playing catch with his son. Well, except the games of catch I played with my dad were a little less nightmarish than the one Sanchez likes to play.

Sanchez’ version consists of him holding a belt in one hand and then beating his son with it whenever he drops the ball. The video shows Sanchez screaming at the crying boy as he hits him with the belt a few times. As furious as I was getting, I was getting just as aggravated with the person filming for not stopping it.

But turns out the person filming, called “Oscar” in the video, is as outraged as I’m sure some of you are. he stops filming and confronts Sanchez yelling, “That’s enough fuckstick!” this leads to a small verbal exchange that ends with Oscar stating he is a father too, and asking if Sanchez he would like to come over and teach him. It’s pretty great and I would love to buy the guy a beer for stepping in.

The video was been put up on Youtube before the police were notified of the incident and keeps getting yanked as a violation of Youtube’s service. I’ll host the video myself if it happens again. But here’s the kicker: According to Sanchez’ lawyer, his client has contacted police but no charges have been filed and none are pending.

“Our position at this point is we want to let the Sheriff’s Department do their job, let all the facts come to light, and then we may be in a position to address things at that point,” El Centro attorney Ryan Childers said.

Someone who lives in this town commented on Reddit that this may have a lot to do with the fact that Sanchez is a director of IID. For those of you who, like me moments ago, have no clue who IID are, they are a very powerful company who own all the water rights in that small farming town, a town located in the middle of a desert. So as you can imagine, they probably have a lot of pull in that town.

In the words of the Redditor who lives in the area, “Sanchez on board. Board runs IID. IID runs water. Water runs farmers. Farmers run city. City runs cops. Sanchez won’t fear cops.”

So, just in case nothing is done legally, I would like for the guy to at least be shamed publicly. I had the belt taken to me on occasion growing up and while I don’t condone it (and my old man later said he regretted it), I at least knew why I was getting the belt. It normally consisted of me doing something really, really bad –like cursing at my parents or sticking dog shit in a kid’s ear. It was never, ever over something like this. This is not a form of outdated discipline, this is just plain child abuse.

So enjoy the publicity, fuckstick and Oscar? Kudos.
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