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ADDictION: Inspired by Ab Soul- Mixed Emotions

edited June 2012 in Waiting To Exhale

From measurements to trying to practice tongue games
maintain my unusual temptation to stroke, poke and provoke
the anatomy of my fellow opposite sexual organs
origins from back in the days when groin movement was ewww
and 90s hip hop was ill
I chill on the porch admiring ashy knee monologues
vagina peculiar conversations with penis attitudes
so high and mighty thick and medium with the middle leg mood
been begging and edging the number to try
at 13 to 16 trying and even spying
prying open the locker room of the fellow classmates
ladies relate to somebody taller and bolder
older situations and anticipations of late night convo
follow by drunken spike memories
and a broken cherry
whats the defense?
the suspense of my hornyness
drives me to visits and broken heart segments
17 turnt out and burnt out
sexual encounters and sound traveling
echoes of fapping precision towards the skin climaxing
the final climax as sperm spreads from cheek to back
my ex counter reacts with a dap and some chinese food
leave to the next one
me on the phone at 4am because her ADDICTION
becomes her tomb
my ADDICTION spreads like a cold
diseases are lesser to the mind
and mankind have no fury like a man scorn worn down
from sexual encounters that end with a chuck of peace
defeat the emotions as time becomes an instant potion
drink up and here comes noon cartoons on
and drawers are found
broken heart melodies and so on's
time to change my ADDICTION is inflicting my attitude towards
self as well as a woman's worth
saved for the God to see my advance in communication
within my demons to scram
the slow jams of freaky proportions are through
marriage and all that lovely duvy stuff makes dreams come true
no more ADDICTIONS them them
but ADDICTIONS for her
god have mercy on my future of being sexually mature


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