Xbox 720 Price, Features Revealed in Rumored Document

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$299 for the console and Kinect 2?

An unconfirmed document allegedly leaking out of Microsoft reveals the company's five-year plan, price, and features for the Xbox 720. The 56 page document looks at the possibilities for Xbox 360 in 2011 leading up to the launch of the next generation in 2013, which includes a new Kinect sensor at launch in a $299 bundle. Notable changes include a blu-ray disc drive, as well as a focus on and tablet integration. IGN is already confident that the next-generation will begin in 2013, and the plan for tablets to talk to consoles recently rang true.


Notable goals and features for the Xbox 720 include an improved Kinect sensor with four-player games, accessing your media library anywhere via cloud streaming, and not needing to upgrade hardware ever again. Most notable is the rumored plans to create glasses that give players a heads-up display/virtual reality interface dubbed Fortaleza.

Fun fact: Fortaleza is a state capital in Brazil, as was Natal.

Remember, none of this is information is confirmed, so take it with a grain of salt if you suspect it's an elaborate hoax. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment on its validity.

What do you make out of this alleged leak? Is it totally fake, or is it the beacon of our future?

Source: Scribd via Reddit.


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