Doggstlye vs Ready To Die

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I am just curious to see your response caise I was drinking andbuzzed and was listeing to Doggstyle and Ready 2 Die today.....I listened to a lot of classic albums today bu it had me thinking about Doggstyle vs Ready 2Die. Right now I', still listeniong to Ready To Die.


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    doggystle but ready 2 die my shit tho..
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    Both top 10 rap albums of all time.

    Doggystyle for me
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    Both are classic but Ready To Die only have one feature on R2D which is Method Man while Doggstyle got a bucnh of death row artists on Doggstyle and Snoop didn't even write his own shit on his first album. I love Doggstly but Ready To Die brought the East back on the map by Biggie Small. GOT DAMN...BIGGIE SMALL = GOD,....just kidding but just saying mothefucerk
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    Everyday Struggle ....I love that song...this is what I'm listening riht now.
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    i loved both albums...i remeber singing lodi dodi when i was a lil
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    this is the perfect thread for a poll

    I feel like doggystyle is a bit overrated though, just because of the amount of skits/interludes it has, check it:

    1. "Bathtub" Dr. Dre 1:50
    2. "G Funk Intro" (featuring The Lady of Rage & George Clinton) Dr. Dre 2:24
    3. "Gin and Juice" Dr. Dre 3:31
    4. "W Balls" (Interlude) Dr. Dre 0:36
    5. "Tha Shiznit" Dr. Dre 4:03
    6. "House Party" (Interlude) Dr. Dre 0:37
    7. "Lodi Dodi" Dr. Dre 4:24
    8. "Murder Was the Case" (featuring Dat Nigga Daz) Dr. Dre 3:38
    9. "Serial Killa" (featuring The D.O.C., Tha Dogg Pound & RBX) Dr. Dre, Dat Nigga Daz 3:35
    10. "What's My Name?" Dr. Dre 4:06
    11. "For All My Niggaz & Bitches" (featuring Tha Dogg Pound & The Lady of Rage) Dr. Dre, Dat Nigga Daz 4:42
    12. "Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None)" (featuring Nate Dogg, Kurupt, & Warren G) Dat Nigga Daz, Warren G 4:07
    13. "Chronic Break" (Interlude) Dr. Dre 0:33
    14. "Doggy Dogg World" (featuring Tha Dogg Pound & The Dramatics) Dr. Dre 5:05
    15. "Betta Ask Somebody" (Interlude) Dr. Dre 0:43
    16. "Gz & Hustlas" Dr. Dre 3:51
    17. "U Betta Recognize" (Interlude, featuring Sam Sneed) Dr. Dre 0:56
    18. "Gz Up, Hoes Down" Dr. Dre 2:21
    19. "Pump Pump" (featuring Lil' Malik, aka Lil Hershey Loc) Dr. Dre, Warren G 3:42

    6 "songs" are under 2 minutes. and I dont remember if short songs like g funk intro and gs up hoes down are actual songs are not.

    just my opinion on that though.
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    Doggystle was the anthem when it came out skits and all were constantly being banged on every block...
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    Both are too different to compare. Different worlds

    Doggystyle is the masterpiece of g funk era

    Ready To Die is a masterpiece of music, a real look inside the minds of young niggas
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    I choose Ready To Die. Biggie held his own throughout the whole album, and had a dope collab with Method Man. And Me & My Bitch is sampled on the Puff Mix of Method Man's single You're All I Need...

    To this day countless bars were sampled, bit and referenced from Ready To Die. Big Poppa was sampled on Omarion's latest single Let's Talk featuring Rick Ross. Tyga referenced Ready To Die on his song I'm Gone featuring Big Sean. Etc. etc.

    Things Done Changed is one of the rawest storytelling Hip-Hop songs I ever heard. That song is so dope that it's included in The Norton Anthology of African American Literature.

    ...It's also worth noting that Snoop's song Tha Shiznit was sampled on the intro to Ready To Die.
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    I may be in the minority but I personally dislike both Doggystyle & The Chronic. To me those albums lack lyricism and pretty much rely on the beat & hooks to make the song hot. I'm not saying there is something inherently wrong with that but they can't be "classics" and not bring it lyrically.

    Ready To Die on the other hand had everything Doggystyle had in spades. If you like ignorance, RTD was just as ignorant as Doggystyle. If you like lyricism, RTD kills them at that. If you like dope beats, RTD had that too. Singles, Storytelling regardless of where you go with it RTD has a significant lead over Doggystyle.

    But this is based on personal preference so I respect other folks opinions.
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    i can't stop banging both and they old as fuck
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    I pick ready to die. Album came out 18 years ago and I still listen to it religiously. But doggystyle is still in my top 10 easy. I might be alone on this but I like doggystyle more than the chronic
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    Ready to Die, better production and Biggie shits on Snoop & his ghostwriters on any given day
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    Too different to really compare in my opinion. But if it's strictly off personal taste then ready to die would be my choice.
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    Like many of y'all said both of them albums are too different. Funny how nobody mentioned how the sound on The Chronic and Doggystyle influenced the sound for Ready To Die basically.

    But if i had to choose it would be Doggystyle for me.
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    Gotta pick DoggyStyle. All of the interludes and songs fit together seamlessly, and I still bump that joint from end to end today. Ready to Die was near-perfect too, but DoggyStyle is the album I'd pick if I could only listen to one rap album for the rest of my days.
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    To me its doggystyle easily. Listen to that album before you hit me with a nosign or some other hater shit. Each song had its own sound and personallity sounding completely different from each other beatwise. I love biggies album but come on now...gin n juice, gs n huslers, loddy doddy,pump pump, and for all of you tlkin that ghostwriter shit G's n huslers was a freestyle so shut that bulllshit up. Snoop has fallen way off but you have to give that album the props it deserves. It made him a superstar and put the west in the for front to the point where the east needed biggie just to try to bring the east back
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    Both albums are classics, Ready to die is the better of the two. Ready to die is the only album I've listened to that every song on the album is enjoyable.
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    damn this a good one but i think i'll go with Doggystyle. the cohesion was flawless.
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    ready to die easy
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    I pick ready to die. Album came out 18 years ago and I still listen to it religiously. But doggystyle is still in my top 10 easy. I might be alone on this but I like doggystyle more than the chronic

    You not alone bro. Doggystyle was just that tight as far as having the perfect beats for a hungry mc that Snoop was at the time(i cant even think of one OK beat, all sounded sick as fuck even still). I think some people underestimate how big Snoop was becoming on the Chronic and shortly after. One thing you gotta give Snoop props on was the pressure to deliver after a classic like Chronic and he came out with a classic. Big's first album aint have that like maybe his second album did. It's something different about being in demand and you drop a classic verses Nobody really knowing of you and you was able to drop one pressure free.

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    wow 2 of my top 5 albums!

    how sure are we that snoop didtn write anything on doggystyle though? thats an actual question!
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