Chief Keef interview w/ Charlamagne and Angele Yee (ANTISOCIAL AF)

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lol... yall ask for someone really bout that... Interscope made it happen

same clothes from the video lmao without a single fuck given. DRY ASS INTERVIEW. Some parts were unintentionally funny

Yee: "Wheres your dad?"
Keef: "Huh?"
Yee: "Oh..."

^Looks like we found the problem smh.

"How old's your mom?"
"She young she like 27.. 28... Nahhhh she THIRTY. SHE THIRTY TWO!" lmao wtf dude

^2nd problem though smh
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    how far is this kid bout to go

    every song i heard from him slaps. And already got niggas like Jeezy, Ye, and Waka workin wit him.

    This yungin been runnin the Chi?
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    i dont like is his only best song
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    Take away his beats and he ain't shit.
    PiffyHaze wrote: »
    i dont like is his only best song

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    lol niggas like that stupid shit but on the real shady&king louie go harder than keef dat chi-town shit bang

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    non rappers thats that shit i listen to cuz its catchy but ION LIKE
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    "Bitch my name is Sosa, you can call me Sammy. "

    But really tho, I really hadn't heard the lil nigga music until March. Some niggaz fuck wit him...some don't. I support my city regardless. I will say this, the streets respect him more at 16 than most other young rappers when they came out (Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, Romeo, even Wayne at 16)
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    J Gutta gets a GOAT jus off his sig gifs

    got dayum
    thats the shit I DO like!!!
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    Seriously chief keef is nothing special, cuz he got kanye and all these guys cosigning him dont mean he nice. the beat for i dont like is what has given him all this hype. He is not wack but def not a rapper that i will be checking for his release date to go cop his album
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    dat nugga dumb wack
    Ms. Sweeetfacegenocidecutter
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    dude just another below average trap rapper
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    I think he is a step below waka flocka
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    Breakfast Club giving some real thorough interviews lately though. Good 15 minutes to hear everything going on with the artists. And Charlamagne be bold as hell lmao.
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    I just listened to Keef's "Don't Like" song...I mean, is that all we have to offer? Ignorance? SMH, this shit is unbelievable. And they sayin' there was a "bidding war" for dude...Really?
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    Perfect wrote: »
    SupremeXXV wrote: »
    I just listened to Keef's "Don't Like" song...I mean, is that all we have to offer? Ignorance? SMH, this shit is unbelievable. And they sayin' there was a "bidding war" for dude...Really?

    When are yall gonna get it? They know he sucks. Them white folk don't call that stuff music.

    They want to continue to make us look like fools on the screen, in every way possible. And continue to brain wash our youth as well.

    I mean, I feel you bruh...This shit is crazy to me tho man, smh...Like, if this dude represents these young cats and these young dudes are following him, I'm moving to another country.
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    this is y labels shud develop artists...give them media training and shit b4 throwing them to the wolves...charlamagne makes even experienced ppl look foolish so y throw this kid on there?
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    I mean, dude is like 16. What does he really have to say? LMAO
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    SupremeXXV wrote: »
    This shit is crazy man, smh...Cats like this dude makes me believe someone or a group of muthafuckas are pulling the strings in this world...And T.I. said Keef is the "Voice of the New Generation"...Woooow, that's some scary shit.

    That is the perfect example of what Rhymefest is saying. Lol@ his mom being close to being the same age as me. For all the Hype he has right now, he hasn't met the prominent people that have align themselves to him.
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    This dudes garbage. [email protected] the industry niggaz co-signing him (T.I., Ye, etc.)
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    somebody post pictures of this nigga momma
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    It was a horrible interview. They need to not have it back on until he's at least 20 y/o.
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