Samsung Galaxy S3...Knockin em out da box!

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I'm due for an upgrade. I was checking for the HTC Amaze due to me being a fan of HTC. But I'm checking the website and this Samsung GS3 got the doc stuck on stupid. Shit is real nice. Pebble like design. Screen real estate is looking at 4.8", Super AMOLED 1280 x 720 screen. 2GB of RAM. 32GB of internal memory (and then you got the SD card for more mem, up to 64 gigs), 1.9 front facing camera with the 8 pixel joints for the back cam. Packed for the summer, you get the ice cream sandwich (Android OS). And the dual core snap dragon is on deck (International versions get the 1.4 Quad Core). Not to mention the pictures taken from the camera looks gorgeous.

Who got this phone? What's your take? This is pretty much the only phone I am considering besides the HTC Amaze (which is unfortunately outdated, if I really give a fuck about staying with current tech). The big turnoff with HTC's One is that it has no internal memory. That's a big flaw. I'm downloading movies, games, porn, and of course music. I don't want all my mem being used in just the SD card. And I need screen real estate; One's too tiny.

Again, I wanna know from the folks who got it. And if you got opinions, drop those thoughts.

If you haven't peeped, check the Cnet review;paginate





And if you wonder how it stacks against the iphoney 4GS, peep link


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