Treyarch vs Infinity Ward, Lets Make the Perfect COD

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What elements from gameplay in COD games if assembled properly would make a perfect game and what elements should be removed. Pretty much what are the best and worst features from Blops, MW and WAW.

Remove all death streaks.
MW3 explosives damage model is perfect.
MW3 Specailist Package is great.
MW3 Strike Packages are great innovations but support streaks should be strictly non lethal.
Blops Balanced Killstreaks there was not a lethal Kill streak in the air every minute and perks could not hide you from dogs which balanced ghost.
Remove Second Chance.
Remove on hit knife kill from the front.

*Getting Dedicated Servers

*Not from any previous cods but would improve the game substantial.

BTW Obama said we need to stop playing Video Games.


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