Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 Trailer (New DC Animated Film)

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New Dark Knight Returns Trailer
The animated adaptation of the Frank Miller classic.
July 31, 2012

by Jim Vejvoda

Check out the new trailer for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1, the animated adaptation of Frank Miller's classic Batman tale. Robocop's Peter Weller voices Batman in this film, which is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack & DVD and download Sept. 25.
The Dark Knight Returns is set in a dystopian near-future version of Gotham City. A year is never specified, though it has been a full decade since the last reported sighting of Batman. Virtually all superheroes, with the exception of Superman, have been forced into retirement or otherwise driven away by a distrusting populace. Bruce Wayne has voluntarily retired from crime fighting following the death (under unspecified circumstances) of Jason Todd, the second Robin. In the absence of superheroes, criminals run amok, and a gang called the Mutants terrorizes Gotham City. The return of an old enemy prompts a now 55-year-old Wayne to don the Batman costume once again.



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