My Quest to Read All X-Men Related Comics in Order from Beginning to Present time

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This is a tough task, I am aware as I have started like 2 years ago and am currently at about 1995. The beginning was quicker because there weren't as many different X-Men related comics, just the one really. However, with the help of some dude on some forum who posted every single issue from all X-Men related comics in order, I am on my way.

In this thread I will update with screen shots of interesting/funny/important moments as I read. I will do this for two reasons, 1) it might be fun for y'all to reminisce or maybe even see things you didn't read from back in the day. Y'all can comment on whatever you find interesting and what-not. 2) it will help me stay on point in remembering what's going on in each comic as I might have to take some days off with work and all.

Comics I am currently reading:
Uncanny X-Men
Last issue read: #325
Favorite current character: Gambit
Current Situation: Gene Nation, a group of renegade Morlocks, held hostages underground and were planning to kill one human for every Morlock that was killed in the Mutant Massacre. To stop this, Storm actually ripped the heart out of their leader, Marrow. Also Gambit is dealing with the fact that Rogue may have learned of his past when she absorbed his memories during a kiss.

X-Men v2
Last issue read: #46
Favorite current character: Bishop
Current situation: Bishop is suspicious of Gambit, thinking he will be the one to betray the X-Men in the future. Iceman is dealing with the fact that Emma Frost may still be manipulating him after she spent time inhabiting his mind. Also, Senator Robert Kelly finds that two Sentinels are missing, and Onslaught is the perpetrator.

Generation X
Last issue read: Generation X Annual 1995
Favorite current character: Emma Frost
Current situation: Emma's sister, Cordelia, delivers Mondo to Shinobi Shaw, current head of the Hellfire Club. He declines the gift and they are attacked by men working for a mystery man named Barrington. Cordelia approaches her sister for help and they manage to track down Mondo, who then enrolls with Generation X. Also, Penance suffers a seizure and becomes comatose.

Wolverine v2
Last issue read: #95
Favorite current character: Wolverine
Current situation: It seems that Tyler Dayspring, AkA Genesis, is planning to either attack or recruit Wolverine with the help of the Dark Riders, who he has taken under his wing after Apocalypse's latest defeat.

Last issue read: #24
Favorite current character: Cable
Current situation: Domino engages in an intense battle with former Six Pack teammate, Grizzly. During the fight her gun accidentally goes off wounding him mortally and with his dying breath he tells her that Tyler Dayspring made him this way with his powers. Also, a woman from the future travels back in time to retrieve Cable, who must come with her to save the life of his future self, Nathan Dayspring. Blaquesmith sends them both to the future as well as Domino afterwards.

Last issue read: #10
Current favorite character: X-Man
Current situation: Blaquesmith approaches Charles Xavier with news of a mysterious being with extreme power whose bio-signature resembles Cable's (X-Man). Charles approaches Nate on the astral plane and comes to find out that he is way more powerful than he imagined, and with Nate scared and angry, Charles decides he must fake his death in order to retreat and approach him in a different manner.

Last issue read: #47
Favorite current character: Siryn (she an alcoholic, I like that). Also Deadpool when he makes appearances.
Current situation: The X-Force team returns from Siberia, and Deadpool frees Siryn from a psych ward where she has been being held captive. However, Deadpool is attacked by a young boy named Jeremy Stevens, who later is hinted to be the Gamesmaster. She returns to Professor Xavier with disks holding information about the Weisman Institute. Also, Boomer has been growing close to Sabretooth who is being taken care of at the mansion after being attacked by Wolverine and returning back to a more primal state.

Last issue read: #115
Favorite current character: Mystique
Current situation: Havok fled to Alaska to reminisce about the day he lost his parents. Cyclops joins him and the two later have a heart to heart at a nearby bar. Also, at the X-Factor headquarters, Mystique tries to hack into Forge's files but fails. Wild Child witnesses it, but the two agree to keep each others secrets. Later, Forge shows Mystique some of his holographic files, including one where Destiny who is now dead told Forge that he and Mystique need to be together. Also, Dark Beast who recently traveled from the Age of Apocalypse time stream to the present one, recreates Random and orders him to attack X-Factor and bring back Havok.

Last issue read: #92
Favorite current character: Pete Wisdom
Current situation: Colossus engages Pete Wisdom in battle after seeing him with his ex-girl Kitty Pryde. Colossus does serious damage to Wisdom, shattering ribs, damaging a lung and increasing blood pressure in the brain. Wisdom manages to use his powers to do spinal injury to Colossus before passing out. Meggan and Captain Britain manage to knock Colossus out to stop the fight. Shadowcat tells Colossus that if he loved her he would not have left her.

I am also reading a series called Unlimited X-Men, but it is just random stories that don't really follow the continuity.

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    even though Im not the biggest xmen fan, i applaud this task.
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    Just read X-Factor #116 and got a little more insight into what Wild Child is all about. He was attacked by the most clingy ex-girlfriend a man can ever have. Aurora from Alpha Flight was str8 wildin out yo, check it.


    ^It wasn't very nice... that bitch just sounds psychotic right off the bat.


    o_O nah son, you need to gtfaway from this chick.


    Lol @ I've changed. Anyway, X-Factor manages to come help and subdue her and her brother Northstar takes her away telling Wild Child to stay away from his sister.

    That bitch cray.
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    X-Force #48
    SMH @ X-Force giving Boomer an intervention about chilling with Sabretooth.
    This seems more important though, Sebastian Shaw appears for the first time in a while after the world believes him to be killed by his son Shinobi. He approaches Holocaust (just came to this time stream from the AoA) who was out here just killing off an entire island, to begin a partnership.

    Uncanny X-Men #327
    Someone who appears to be Magneto, who had been missing after the destruction of Avalon, is found in South America at an orphanage.
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    Generation X #10 & 11
    Emma Frost finds out some interesting stuff from Banshee's past, like his previous encounters with Omega Red before he was transformed into the monster he currently is. Also, in the present Chamber demolishes Omega Red who was trying to attack the Gen. X squad.

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    Wolverine v2 #96
    Well damn, Genesis and the Dark Riders just offed Cyber, one of Wolverines major enemies. They trapped him in a vault and let a bunch of meat-eating bugs devour all of him and leave the adamantium.

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    Uncanny X-Men #328 & Sabretooth: In The Red Zone
    Sabretooth escapes from the mansion after he eventually reveals that he was feigning helplessness, and attacks Boomer. Psylocke saves her life, and she uses her psionic knife to disable him. However, this no longer works because his brain injury from Wolverine freed Sabretooth from the need for "the glow," furthermore rendering him resistant to telepathic detection and control. Retaliating, Sabretooth nearly killed Psylocke, but he is finally confronted by the X-Men, who manage to seemingly kill him (but we all know this is untrue) and Valerie Cooper takes his body back to X-Factor headquarters.
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    Have you read any of the Deadpool solos? The classic ones I mean.
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    Deadpool solos are later on, but they are on the list. Can't wait for those.
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    you're in that era of Xmen with some of their better stories..btw, you're going to love the Xman arc..his first run was very well done!
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    ^that's what I've been hearing. Onslaught saga is coming shortly which is apparently cool.
    Long work day today, probably will read some more later on tonight.
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    X-Force #49
    Damn Sebastian Shaw & Holocaust is fucking shit up out here. Basically crushed all members of X-Force one by one, probably moving on to Cable next. Side Note: Shatterstar and his obsession with Rictor is quite fag-like nh.
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    X-Factor #117 & 118
    We see that Haven is pregnant with an evil offspring, and Roma appears to tell her that nothing can be done. The Adversary will be reborn. That's the dude that supposedly killed all the X-Men back in Dallas (they faked their deaths and relocated to the Australian Outback). Roma and Naze team up to approach Forge about the danger that is coming. Adversary attacks and seemingly kills Naze, as Roma teleports to Forge to warn him.

    Also, Havok battles Random who eventually wins and bring Alex to the Dark Beast, though Random regrets it.

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    Lmao @ Shatterstar. It gets worse.
  • MorganFreemanKingMorganFreemanKing Posts: 4,193 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Lmao @ Shatterstar. It gets worse.
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    I came in here to salute this task. I read from No Man's Land up to the then current Batman line when the original Comics thread dropped in Ill Pix back in the day and thought that was nuts. You're on some epic shit right now, though.

    And yes, lmao@the Shatterstar comment. The rabbit holes gets so much darker.
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    Cable #25-28
    Cable and Domino travel 2,000 years into the future with Jenskot to save the life of the younger version of Nathan Dayspring. On their way back they wind up in Genosha, where a civil war has been going on for years between the Genoshan Magistrates and the Mutates. They side with Phillip Moreau and the mutates, obviously, who seem to have some alliance with Mr Sinister. In the end they find that Sugar-Man (from the Age of Apocalypse) was behind the Genetic Mutating that brought the country to civil war, which he learned from the Sinister of his time. Present day Sinister sent Cable to defeat Sugar-Man and destroy his weapons, which he did. Now it seems that Sinister will be on a mission to find Nate Grey (also from the Age of Apocalypse).

    Pretty interesting couple of comics there. That Genosha shit been going on for a minute, pretty funny that the weird ass Sugar-Man started the whole mess. Oh and of course Sinister played a part in it all.
    KNiGHTS wrote: »
    I came in here to salute this task. I read from No Man's Land up to the then current Batman line when the original Comics thread dropped in Ill Pix back in the day and thought that was nuts. You're on some epic shit right now, though.

    And yes, lmao@the Shatterstar comment. The rabbit holes gets so much darker.

    Thank you sir.
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    Apparently the next series I was supposed to read was a solo series from Storm with 4 issues, but I can't seem to find a DL link for it so I just read the synopsis on each comic. I would have liked to read this one because its all about what happened to Mikhail Rasputin after his supposed death.

    Apparently Storm somehow was transported to a world where time moves faster than normal, Mikhail had established a citadel for himself on the top of a massive hill. The philosophy of "survival of the fittest" was the only thing which governed the society. If someone could reach the summit of the hill they were considered "fit" and worthy of being part of Gene Nation. Mikhail was forced to transport Storm and the Gene Nationals back to Earth, but he escaped once more (presumably back to the Hill) ranting about his benefactor being displeased with him. Storm then transported all of the Gene Nationals to a dying village in Africa where they would eke out a new life for themselves. It was discovered that Mikhail was working for the Dark Beast to try to propagate a group of elite warriors.
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    X-Force #50
    Sebastian Shaw has his assistant Tessa mind control the kidnapped X-Force members and they are forced to hunt down Cable. After a brief battle Cable manages to free them by filling their minds with memories of the team's past. Not before faggot ass Shatterstar stabs Domino under the shoulder though.

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    dope man what forum do you post at that does shit like this? or whats a good site i can download story arcs?
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    I just google .rar files and shit. Its very easy to find them. Sometimes I used torrents for entire comics like X-Force v1 or Uncanny X-Men, etc.

    This is the site that has the entire X-Men reading order:

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    Man. that is a HUGE list of comics lol. your back must be sore from sitting.
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    Haha well I don't have as much time to read them like I was, but for a minute about a year ago I was reading A LOT. I got through the early stages of Uncanny X-Men mad quick.

    But yo, think about whoever the fuck put that list together... that's even crazier.
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    X-Factor #119-121
    So yeah, Sabretooth wasn't dead, he was just injured. His mutant healing factor went into overdrive and he tried to escape from medical facilities but Valerie Cooper & her security managed to take him down. He is fitted with a state of the art restraining collar and is to become part of X-Factor. Him and Mystique together should be GOAT.

    Wild Child is starting to fall in love with a hologram named Shard (Bishop's sister) -___- and Polaris, thinking Havok left her, decides she is done with him and wants to move on.

    Finally the Adversary attacks X-Factor as they are prepared with weaponry Forge created. However, the weapons do nothing to harm him, and he seemingly kills the whole team with the exception of Forge telling him that the ways of the Shaman spirit are the only thing which can defeat him (something Forge promised himself he'd never go back to). So obviously he revisits the magic of his past and is able to defeat the Adversary while simultaneously restoring the lives of the team.

    Pretty sure that's the end of the Adversary for good. Hope so, he was kind of a boring villain IMO.
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    X-Man #12 & Excalibur #95
    Nate Grey visits Muir Island as Rogue suggested to him and after scanning a part of Moira MacTaggart's mind, he sees that she is in cahoots with Charles Xavier and that he will die before he is 21. With this bit a information he lashes out and attacks Excalibur, stopping only after Moira gives him some harsh words. He finally listens and learns that they are all there to help him, but also that he was designed to die before he is 21 years old due to the extensive toll his powers take on him.

    @Jaxn yeah you right, this arc is sick.
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    This arc is still my current favorite as of right now though...

    X-Force #51
    First of all this is just funny to me. The way he's standing is pretty rapey, though the way Siryn got her breasts out for him it might be consensual. Bitch save yourself for Deadpool!


    Other than that, Warpath meets with some mystery girl named Risque who kisses him and leaves. I think this person is going to be important as there is a good amount of info on her wiki page.

    And lastly, Boom-Boom who is now Boomer has now changed her name again to Meltdown. I like that name better, but the dyke haircut she gave herself is pretty wack.

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