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My Quest to Read All X-Men Related Comics in Order from Beginning to Present time



  • SunflowaSeedsSunflowaSeeds Posts: 12,210 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wolverine v3 #13-19

    North of Vancouver, Sabretooth and a group of accomplices hunt a creature known as “The Native.” Unbeknownst to any of them, the Native is a powerful feral mutant, who easily overpowers the group, kills both of the accomplices, and guts Sabretooth leaving him unconscious in the river. As Wolverine crashes his motorcycle in Oregon and heads on foot toward Montana, Sabretooth reveals to his employers that he knows someone better suited to take down the Native. Sabretooth tracks down Logan at a diner in Montana, and Logan attempts to goad him into a fight. Sabretooth grins and passes Logan a file of information regarding the Native, who is apparently an escaped portion of the Weapon X program. Sabretooth leaves Logan with the file, and tells him that “the hunt is on.”

    The Native continues to hide in the Canadian wilderness, sheltered by a cave. Sabretooth reports to Willoughby and Murray that Logan is now joining the hunt. Logan camps in the woods, looking for the Native. The Native finds him at his campfire, and keeps a safe distance. As the campfire slowly dies, the Native creeps closer to Logan. They fight, and the Native is revealed to be a mutant woman with the same claws as Wolverine. Wolverine finds the Native’s cavern, complete with cave paintings of the escape from Weapon X, and a few loose military souvenirs. Logan and the Native fight again, and this time, as Logan tries desperately to explain his sympathy for her, she relents. They sheathe their claws and kiss passionately.


    Sabretooth continues his manhunt for Wolverine and the mysterious Native through the wilderness. Willoughby, his employer, insists that Sabretooth follow the rules, but Sabretooth refuses to obey. Meanwhile, Logan and the Native waken from their sexual encounter, and the Native, pleased that she has found someone just like her, playfully continues to flirt with Logan as he wakes up. Logan shows the Native the cave paintings of Weapon X, and tells her that they are coming back. He evacuates her from the area, but not before Sabretooth finds them. Sabretooth shoots both of them to slow Logan down, but as he comes to collect the Native, he finds that she heals much faster than either of them, and she rips Creed apart. Willoughby immediately fires Creed, as Wolverine and Native escape to a cabin on the mountain that Wolverine recognizes. The Native tells him that they are home.

    The mysterious men that seem to be behind Weapon X locate the Native in the wilderness near Vancouver. Mr. Murray orders his paramilitary group to obtain her and kill Wolverine and Sabretooth. Creed continues looking for the Native, hoping to kill her before the organization gets her. The Native keeps trying to tell Logan that the cabin on the mountain was their home, but Logan can’t remember any of it. The Weapon X group attacks the cabin, with dozens of soldiers and helicopters raiding the area in a blitz maneuver.


    Logan fights bravely, but is finally taken out by the soldiers, and nearly killed by an electrical discharge as they take the Native into custody. That evening, Sabretooth finds him, and kicks him awake. Sabretooth offers his help to find the girl.

    In a hidden compound in Montana, a mysterious yet familiar woman named Vapor prepares the Native for surgical procedure. Meanwhile, in Canada, Sabretooth continues telling an angry Wolverine that they are partners for the time being, until they recover the girl from the hidden Workshop compound in Montana. The pair heads for Montana, where Creed uncovers the compound beneath a run-down cattle ranch. Logan runs him down and stabs him in the skull, telling Creed that they never were partners, and never will be. Underground, Vapor operates on Native to extract her eggs, and discovers something odd – Native is pregnant.

    Two guards respond to the security alarm at the gate of the ranch guarding the mysterious Workshop where the Native is held captive. They find Sabretooth, parked under his own S.U.V. Logan kills one of the guards and takes his clothing to infiltrate the compound. Once inside, he draws his claws and begins hunting the Native once more. Wolverine encounters a group of armed guards, and kills them, leaving one alive to lead him to the Native. Sabretooth finds Willoughby, and guts him for his treachery. Creed leaves the office in search of Logan, who is in the compound beneath. Wolverine finds Vapor performing surgery on the Native. Vapor explains that Native is pregnant, most likely with Wolverine’s child. She also explains that they have harvested all of Native’s eggs. Wolverine feels Native’s rage behind him, and kills Vapor. The two rush to leave the now nearly empty-feeling compound. Upstairs, Creed leaves behind the gutted bodies of several guards, and heads after Wolverine and Native to finish what he started.

    In Montana, Wolverine and the Native race through the wilderness, hoping to return to civilization. Native admits that she's pregnant, but says she cannot return to New York with Logan. Native abandons Logan as his back is turned, and Sabretooth attacks him. Sabretooth fights angrily this time, opting not to mock Logan. As a result, the Canadian is surprised, and has his throat ripped out. Logan wakes up the next day, fully healed, and finds the Native dismembered on a ledge, with a note from Sabretooth written in her blood. In New York, Nightcrawler enters a bar in New York, telling the girl in charge that his friend called ahead and asked for someone to give last rites. Wolverine enters the bar, carrying the dead girl. In tears, he asks for a priest.

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  • SunflowaSeedsSunflowaSeeds Posts: 12,210 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Astonishing X-Men #1-3
    The beginning of Josh Whedon's Epic run (from what I've always heard). Starts off pretty awesome.


    Returning to the Institute, Kitty Pryde finds old memories waiting for her. She also finds herself named as being a member of the senior staff of the Institute during the ceremony welcoming the new student body. The only member of the senior staff not present is Logan, who appears the next morning, picking a fight with Cyclops regarding his new relationship with Emma Frost.


    This resumption of old animosities leads the Beast to call a meeting, during which Cyclops proposes a new direction for their group – returning to their roots as being super heroes, just like the publicly respected Avengers and Fantastic Four. They will gain acceptance from humans through actions they understand, not words they will not hear. Their first mission comes soon, as they leave to respond to a hostage situation caused by an apparent mutant and his gunmen. Meanwhile, world-renowned geneticist Dr. Kavita Rao makes a startling announcement at a press conference. She states that the mutant gene is not an evolutionary step but a disease; a disease for which she has found a cure.


    At her press conference, Doctor Kavita Rao shows the footage taken by a cameraman following two police officers to the scene of a disturbance, where a young girl name Tildie Soames has manifested her mutant power and unknowingly killed her parents and one of the officers. She is the example of a life ruined by an unwanted mutation, which can be fixed by Rao’s “cure.” Meanwhile, the X-Men arrive at the hostage situation and make short work of the gunmen. However, their leader, a possible mutant claiming to be called Ord, of the Breakworld, easily defeats the X-Men in turn.


    Ord is forced to retreat, however, when Lockheed arrives and uses his flame breath, against which Ord is unprepared. At the press conference afterward, the team learns of the claims of Doctor Rao of having discovered a cure for mutants. They continue the discussion back at the mansion but table the issue for the next day. After the meeting, Emma tries to bury the animosity between Kitty and herself, only to realize that it is much deeper than she ever thought.


    Shortly thereafter, the Beast manages to sneak past security and break into the company sponsoring Doctor Rao’s research, Benetech, only to be discovered by Doctor Rao herself. Their conversation begins to turn into an argument, until the Beast admits that he’s not there to discuss the ethics of the situation but to know if the cure works.

    The fallout of Benetech’s press release over their purported “mutant cure” continues, as hundreds of mutants apply for the treatment. Even at the Xavier Institute, students are leaving and even mocking their teachers, when they suggest that there will be a choice in its application. The conflict makes it to the X-Men themselves, after Emma telepathically learns that the Beast is researching the validity of the serum so that he can use it on himself. Learning this, Wolverine orders the Beast to trash their sample, given to McCoy by its inventor, Dr. Kavita Rao, and leading to a fight. The skirmish is ended by Emma’s telepathy, leading to a meeting in the Danger Room, where Cyclops decides that they will continue with the research, so that they know what they are up against. Cyclops also reports that his meeting with Nick Fury regarding the S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons obtained from Ord of Breakworld’s mercs did not go well. Either Fury has become a mutant-hater in the wake of the recent attack on Manhattan, or he is hiding something, which seems to be true. Later, after further research, the Beast comes to a horrible discovery, as he realizes that the body Benetech has been running their tests on is someone with whom they were once acquainted. Guessing at who this might be, Cyclops infers that it is Jean.
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  • SunflowaSeedsSunflowaSeeds Posts: 12,210 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Astonishing X-Men #4-6

    Though Cyclops, Beast and Emma have a suspicion about what body Benetech has been using for its research, Cyclops does not inform Kitty or Wolverine, only that they are on a recon mission to the company’s lab. Arriving via the X-plane, the team quickly makes their way into the facility, thanks to Kitty’s phasing power. The search eventually leads to the corpse of a mutant, albeit an unknown one. Cyclops and Beast’s reaction, seeming to be expecting something more, arouses Wolverine’s suspicions. Before he can press them on it, however, the team is attacked by a group of gunmen, using heavy ordinance, who quickly gain the upper hand. Back at the Xavier Institute, Ord of the Breakworld steals into the mansion, only to find the X-Men gone. He does run into two students, Hisako and Wing. Though they put up a valiant struggle for their age and ability, Ord gains the upper hand and injects some of the mutant-cure serum into Wing, leaving him behind as a message for the X-Men.


    Meanwhile, Kitty has used her phasing power to reach a deep sub-level, which leads her to a giant, locked door. Her opening of the entrance draws the attention of the guards, though they are no match for the mutant who was held within: Colossus. Kitty’s shock is deep but short, as she quickly tries to calm down the enraged Piotr, who breaks down into tears at the sight of her, asking if he is finally dead.


    At the Xavier Institute, the on hand healer, Elixir, is able to repair the injuries Wing received at the hands of Ord of the Breakworld, though Wing quickly comes to a horrific realization: Ord has “cured” him of his mutant powers. Back at Benetech, Cyclops, Beast, Wolverine and Emma are at the mercy of the heavily armed Benetech guards, until the arrival of the startled Dr. Kavita Rao. Her attempts at helping the injured Cyclops give Wolverine time for his healing factor to repair his gunshot wounds. With Wolverine ready enough for action, Cyclops coordinates the X-Men’s counter-attack via Emma’s telepathy and the team quickly turns the tables on the Benetech guards. Their victory, however, seems short-lived, as Ord of the Breakworld returns, more than a match for the wounded and weary X-Men. Surprisingly, help arrives in the form of Colossus, much to the uncontrollable astonishment of the X-Men, as he is phased to the ground level of the Benetech facility from his underground prison by Kitty Pryde. At first, Ord is able to hold his own against Colossus, but the rage-filled blows of the former X-Man make short work of him. Before Colossus can finish the job, however, he and the rest of the X-Men find themselves surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, led by Nick Fury, who informs the team that they’re not going to win this day.

    Surrounded by armed SHIELD troops, the X-Men choose to reason with Fury, explaining that they have discovered that Fury’s ally, Ord of the Breakworld, was experimenting on the resurrected Piotr Rasputin in order to create the “cure.” Questioned by Fury, Special Agent Brand, director of SHIELD’s extra-terrestrial directive-driven counterpart, SWORD, confirms. Ord is from a planet called the Breakworld, which possesses technology to see glimpses of the future. In one glimpse, they saw that an Earth mutant – possibly an X-Man - destroys their planet in their lifetime. SWORD entered into an agreement with Ord and the Breakworld to create a cure for mutation – in lieu of an alien invasion. SWORD and Ord had enlisted the aid of Dr. Kavita Rao, using DNA from the Breakworld resuscitated Colossus to create it.


    As Brand continues her explanation, rioting mutants, incensed by a possibility of a cure, break into Benetech, scattering the SHIELD agents. In the confusion, Ord sneaks away to his spacecraft. As he rockets away, with the cure formula, Colossus manages to launch Wolverine to the ship via a Fastball Special, and Wolverine manages to makes Ord land. The situation diffused, Fury suggests they walk away and act like the incident never happened. Having no way to object, the X-Men comply. Back at the Institute, the X-Men take stock of their situation. The Beast is still torn by the cure, of which he possesses the last sample, though he will not take it – for now. Taking a little private time, Kitty and Piotr ponder the meaning of finding each other again. Meanwhile, Emma and an unseen cohort ponder how, if at all, Colossus’ return changes their plan.

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  • SunflowaSeedsSunflowaSeeds Posts: 12,210 ✭✭✭✭✭
    New X-Men: Academy X #1-6

    As a new semester begins at the newly rebuilt Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, there are quite a few changes in store. Scott Summers and Emma Frost are now co-headmasters of the school, and they have a different idea of how the school will be run. Students will all be trained to use their powers and be taught self-defense, on top of their regular school classes. The new students, including Noriko Ashida and Josh Guthrie, are given a tour by the headmasters, and Nori begins to butt heads with Miss Frost. Nori also damages her gauntlets unknowingly, and while in the cafeteria with David Alleyne, Sofia Mantega, Laurie Collins, and Josh Foley, her electricity powers begin to act up, causing a blackout. The five of them set out to find the missing piece of Nori’s gauntlet, steal Scott’s keycard to get into the Danger Room where the missing piece was lost during the tour. As they enter, Nori has to release her charge and accidentally causes the Danger Room to activate a program, unleashing a pair of sentinels and a crowd of armed soldiers on the five mutant students. Through luck and teamwork, they manage to beat the program and find Nori’s missing regulator knob. Unfortunately, everything isn’t right, and David tells the others what he saw on the computer screen in Mr. Summers’ office. All the students are being separated into different squads, and the five of them might not want to get too comfortable hanging out. They may be getting broken up.

    Nori meets her new roommate, Sooraya Qadir aka Dust, and they immediately get into a disagreement over their beliefs on women’s rights and religion. Nori leaves, and is soon found by Cyclops, who demands his keycard back, and warns her that the rules are in place for her safety. He admits that he was impressed by the way they handled the Danger Room and decides not to punish her or the others, but tells her to get her gauntlets looked over. Meanwhile, David isn’t pleased about the possible changes, and decides that he will tell Dani the next day that he is leaving. The following day, Julian meets up with Jay Guthrie and tells him that they both have Emma Frost as an advisor. Julian explains about codenames, and Jay says that Icarus would be his choice. Later, Dani shows the kids the templates of training uniforms, which they will be allowed to customize as they like. Monday’s Assembly arrives, and Cyclops explains that all students will be put into training squads of six people. He introduces his squad, the Corsairs, and Emma introduces her squad, the Hellions. Finally, Dani tells everyone about when she was a student and she was part of a team called the New Mutants. They were a family, and her kids are like one too. She introduces Prodigy, Wind Dancer, Surge, Wallflower, and Elixir, as her squad, the New Mutants.


    Dani ridicules Emma for the codenames and squad name choices she made, which would just feed Julian’s ego. Rahne gets aggressive when she believes Emma is pressuring Dani into leaving, and Scott intervenes, telling Dani and Rahne to learn to trust Emma. Scott breaks up a fight between the New Mutants and Hellios and tells them they will participate in a competition later that day. Dani admits that she needs Emma’s help to find the final member of her squad: Kevin Ford. In the garage, Josh and Rahne kiss, but Rahne has second thoughts and decides that they should break up. Emma and Dani use Cerebra to track Kevin down, and eventually find him working in a junkyard in Staten Island. Dani tries to get him to come back to the school, but Kevin really doesn’t want to hear it from her. Emma decides to give it a try, and manages to convince him to come back to Xavier’s, though Dani has some concerns that Kevin may have been using his powers on animals. When they arrive back at the school, Kevin agrees to join Dani’s squad, mainly because of Laurie. Dani asks Kevin for a suggestion for what his codename should be, and he decides on Wither. The leadership of the squad is the next issue to be discussed, and though Dani chose David, he declines, and Sofia takes the job. The first Field Day exercise arrives, and they are told that they must find an object somewhere in the grounds. Sofia sends Nori to search the grounds with her super-speed, while Cessily spies on the teachers and learns that it is located in the hedge maze. She is found out by the teachers, though, and eliminated from the exercise. She has Jay back her up, though, and he returns to the rest of the Hellions with the information. Right about then, Nori also arrives with the information, and they head off to the hedge maze. Unfortunately, they find Santo blocking the way, and he tells them that the rest of the Hellions have already gotten into the maze, and the New Mutants lose.

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  • SunflowaSeedsSunflowaSeeds Posts: 12,210 ✭✭✭✭✭
    New X-Men: Academy X #1-6

    As the Field Day exercise continues, Sofia tries to fly over Santo, who is blocking the way into the hedge maze. Julian blocks the way above with his telekinesis by putting up an invisible wall, and he and Sofia end up in a battle of wills, distracting Sofia from the task at hand. After a bit of urging, David comes up with a plan, but Brian uses his powers on him, making the others all run away from him. Josh, Laurie, and Kevin make it to the other side of the hedge maze and proceed with the plan to use Kevin’s power to wither a path through the hedge wall. David goes after Nori and helps her out as she used her entire charge to escape. As Jay arrives to where the object is hidden, Kevin, Laurie, and Josh make it through the wall and see that there is a live dragon at the center. Kevin decides to use his power on the dragon, but Josh stops him. Laurie tries to use her pheromones, but before she has a chance, Jay uses his special singing voice to calm the dragon. After a quick conference over Brian’s use of his powers, the Hellions are announced as the winners, and Josh goes off on Sofia for her lack of strategy in leading them. Josh and Nori both suggest that David take over leadership, but David tells them that he stands by Sofia. Later, Laurie finds Sofia crying in their room and decides to go have a talk with Josh about it. Cessily finds Kevin working on his industrial art and they talk for a while, and Cessily shows him that, because she is made of mercury, he can touch her without hurting her. Unfortunately, that isn’t the touch he was looking for. Outside, Josh plays basketball with Victor until he spots Rahne and tries to get her to go out with him again, but when she says no, he spots Laurie. She asks if they can talk about the Sofia thing, and he agrees and invites her to go out for dinner with him on a date, which makes both Rahne and Kevin jealous. Kevin joins Cessily to dinner in the cafeteria, and after a quick talk, Julian agrees to let him sit with them. Nearby, Sofia expresses her fears to David that the squad is angry with her, and he does his best to make her feel better, though to little success. Dani is upset that Kevin doesn’t seem to be taking to the rest of her kids, and Emma takes the opportunity to tell Dani that it is her fault. And just to make things perfect, Agent Justin Pierce arrives to arrest Kevin Ford for the murder of his father.

    FBI agent Justin Pierce asks Kevin Ford to turn himself in. Though the agent is sympathetic, Emma Frost and Dani don’t believe Kevin can get a fair deal and refuse. Later, Pierce meets Dani in the coffee shop and explains that they have to show that mutants aren’t above the law. Dani considers his words and Noriko eavesdrops on their conversation. Later, she and her teammates decide to smuggle Kevin off-campus. They are stopped by Pierce and Dani makes up an excuse for them. The next day is hard for Kevin, as all students gossip about his accidentally killing his father and he further isolates himself. Fed up with everybody’s behavior, Hellion holds a speech in the cafeteria, telling them they should be ashamed of their behavior. Later, Dani calls Kevin, and explains she has decided he can best be helped if he turns himself in for now, thus killing any trust the boy still had in her. After Kevin is taken into custody, the Hellions decide to spring him. Only the newest member, Icarus, protests and leaves. Hellion asks Wind Dancer to come instead and she agrees.

    Icarus informs the New Mutants about the Hellions’ plan to break out Kevin Ford and adds that Wind Dancer went with them. The team decides to fight the Hellions and Elixir asks Wolfsbane to join them. When she refuses, he asks her to keep quiet about this. The team confronts the Hellions outside the station in Salem Center, moments before the Hellions can free Kevin. The two teams fight and Prodigy confronts Wind Dancer about the leadership issue. They come to terms with it and Sofia rejoins her team. With the added muscle and David’s talent for strategy, they win. In the meantime, Cyclops, Emma and Rahne have arrived, as Rahne did tell the others, while inside the station Dani is distracting the agents.
    Cyclops takes them back to school commending the New Mutants for trying to stop the other team but chiding them for taking things into their own hands instead of telling the X-Men.
    Two weeks later, charges are dismissed against Kevin and he is allowed to return to school. However, after witnessing the battle, he feels the Hellions are his true friends and wishes to be reassigned to their team. As a result, Icarus takes the empty spot on the New Mutants team.


    Surge makes some tentative peace with her roommate, Dust, Prodigy and Wind Dancer decide to be co-leaders and, after Elixir confronts Wolfsbane over betraying the New Mutants, they kiss.
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  • SunflowaSeedsSunflowaSeeds Posts: 12,210 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Uncanny X-Men #444-447

    A long-overdue game of baseball is nearing its end. The two teams are led by Storm and Cyclops, with Storm’s team fielding. Rachel pitches at Emma Frost and, despite Emma trying to cheat, she is struck out, falling flat on her behind. Rachel taunts her and makes it clear that she is has issues with her. Nightcrawler and Bishop have to step in to ensure the situation doesn’t get ugly. Sage showers and checks out the computers. She takes a look at which organization is looking at what. Later, Rachel fixes one of the X-planes, Gambit has a medical check and Bishop places flowers in the memorial Garden, thinking of Jean. Emma and Scott continue their relationship behind closed doors. After a session in the Danger Room, Sage gives the team missions. Marvel Girl, Storm, Cannonball and Bishop are sent to the Central Saharan Republic to deal with a group of raiders called Weaponeers, as members of the X.S.E. They work well as a team and quickly dispatch most of their opponents, though their craft teleports away to safety. Rachel reports back to Sage, who then calls Brian Braddock in England, asking if they’re welcome over there. Wolverine and Nightcrawler are sent to Washington, also in their role as X.S.E agents, where local police have surrounded an alpha-level mutant inside a building. Wolverine senses something and asks Kurt to teleport them inside. As he does so, the whole building explodes.

    The police officers on duty feel they are inside, killing their kids, and they rush into the school as fire fighters hose down the flames. They attack Wolverine and also slap handcuffs on Nightcrawler, despite him having saved all the children with a single teleport. Wolverine is blamed for killing a teenager, Tommy Reichert, but he insists the boy was a mutant and killing was his only option. Storm and Warbird appear on the scene and Carol uses her authority to have the two X-Men freed. In Great Britain, Bishop, Marvel Girl and Cannonball drive to Braddock Manor. There, they discover a hole in the entrance floor and investigate. Suddenly, they are attacked by a strange creature, the Fury.


    Cannonball takes point but is easily brushed aside by the creature. Marvel Girl manages to impale it with a stalactite but is sent crashing skywards for her efforts. The strange being is incredibly powerful - it takes all of Bishop’s energy output and simply uses it to help restore itself. Cannonball once again attempts to fight the creature but, this time, he is caught in its strange taffy-like shell. He is pummelled to the floor and taken out of the equation. The Fury picks up his cyber shades and intends to trace the communications signal to its source. If the cybernetic network proves useful to its prime directive, it will assimilate it.

    Sage is aware that something is wrong. As soon as she makes Storm aware of this, she is attacked, remotely, by the Fury. It uses Cannonball’s cyber shades to interact with Sage’s. Nanites are created in Sage’s shades and they dig their way into her mind, soon gaining partial control of her. The Fury then tries the same trick with Storm, but she manages to get free of them before they sink in too deep. Wolverine experiences another such attack, but survives. They head to Sage’s carriage house, to discover what’s going on, but Sage attacks Nightcrawler and fends off Wolverine. Storm sounds a full security alert, but the Fury, acting through Sage, activates the mansion’s defenses, gassing all but the trio of X-Men with Sage. As laser beams then strafe the area, Wolverine has Nightcrawler teleport them into the tunnels below the estate. In England, Cannonball has survived the Fury’s attack and, in saving Bishop, he thrusts the Fury into a propane tank. To his astonishment, the Fury emerges unscathed through the flames. The three X-Men at the mansion prepare to use unusual tactics to bring Sage down. They play against type when she appears, keeping her off balance. Helping them is Sage herself, using her indomitable will power to defend herself against the Fury’s insidious invasion. She battles Nightcrawler, who manages to keep her at arms length long enough for Storm to attack with an electromagnetic pulse. Sage lashes out at them, but the pulse does the job, crippling the nanites long enough for her to rip the shades from her face in a desperate last ditch attempt to assert her own free will. Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Storm ensure she is all right but, even though Sage is herself again, she is already making plans for the Fury.

    The Fury is still attacking Cannonball in England, as his fellow X-Men take off from Xavier’s in the Blackbird. En route, they pick up Rachel, who emerges from the Irish Sea, a little light headed. She discovers Jean Grey had created a holempathic crystal, which reassures her about her purpose in life. Wolverine backs Jean up, telling Rachel she deserves this fresh start. Back in England, Bishop rejoins the battle and blasts the Fury, but it grabs Sam before he can escape. Bishop explodes a liquid nitrogen canister above them, though Sam’s blast field protects him. With the Fury frozen, the others arrive and Storm uses her powers to ionize the air around it, effectively rendering its scanners useless. Sage grabs the Fury’s core processor and Storm uses the Blackbird to fire three cluster bombs at the Fury, which tear it to pieces. Sage knows it is vulnerable, but will soon adapt. Her plan is to have Kurt place a module inside the Fury, which Rachel can telekinetically lock onto. Wolverine and Nightcrawler manage to place the module within the Fury and Rachel goes to work. She locks onto the module and, despite the enormous effort it takes, creates a controlled breach of the dimensional interface, with the help of her teammates, into which the Fury is banished.
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  • SunflowaSeedsSunflowaSeeds Posts: 12,210 ✭✭✭✭✭
    New X-Men: Academy X #7-9

    David’s younger sister, Kim, arrives at Xavier’s to visit her brother. David first introduces Kim to the rest of his New Mutants squad, and next gives her a tour around the school and its many classes. Kim is very impressed and a little jealous as well, because she thinks that her school is boring compared to Xavier’s. Meanwhile, weird things are happening around the Institute. It begins with Icarus. While preparing for gym, his picture of his lost love Julia starts to crack, and he didn’t even touch it! He freaks out and sulks about it. Surge notices that and talks to him, but they only end up in an argument that Jay once tried to kill himself because he thought he had lost everything. Noriko, upset hearing that, knows that isn’t true, because Jay still has a family that loves him, and runs away to her room. There, she tries to contact her parents again and phones them, but her father doesn’t believe that it’s really Noriko calling them and hangs up on her. Noriko gets even more upset and stays in the room. After a while, Jay enters to apologize, and they both find Noriko’s room trashed! But Nori didn’t trash it, and neither did her roommate. At the lab, Wither and Wall Flower find a beaker smashed, and later a threatening message gets written on the blackboard, to “leave now.” Some time later, the New Mutants begin their Danger Room session and Kim gets to watch. Some of the squad members panic, but David suspects that it’s all just a prank of Julians. After a successful training session, Noriko doesn’t feel well after an overload of her powers. Dani goes to check on her and Kim has to stay behind in the observation deck. A ghost appears next to her and, after feeling that Kim is different, it warns Kim to get out of the place while she can and then disappears. Overjoyed, Kim rushes to Dani and the New Mutants, telling them that she has just found out that she is a mutant.

    Kim tries to convince everyone that she really is a mutant able to talk to the dead. Nobody believes her and the New Mutants and Dani try to sort things out. Before they are able, the ghost switches off the Danger Room’s safety protocols and activates a simulation of Magneto. The group has the most difficulties in defeating him, but luckily Shan arrives just in time and switches the Danger Room off again. The New Mutants get a check-up to make sure they are fine and go to dinner. Cyclops and Emma Frost promise the team they’ll try to solve things. At dinner, Laurie is scared of the ghost, so Josh offers to take her to dinner off campus. Laurie finds that to be a terrific idea and offers Josh to join her on her weekly dinner with her mom. Kevin approaches Laurie to make sure she’s fine. Josh is offended by that and a fight almost breaks out between him and Kevin. But then, the kids’ dinner table disappears and, all of a sudden, drops out of the air! Julian, who was also at the cafeteria, is labeled primary suspect, though the young troublemaker claims to have nothing to do with it. Later, the New Mutants realize that the ghost must be a former student who has died when Magneto destroyed the school. That would also explain the choice of his simulation in the Danger Room. David uses the school computer to find data about all the students who didn’t return to the school after it was rebuilt and a list of all current students. So Noriko suggests to go to the cemetery behind the school and check headstones against names. Meanwhile, Kevin gets called to Emma Frost’s office and she wants him to talk to a specialized therapist. Dani, Rahne and Shan gather and Dani realizes who the ghost is. Josh and Laurie leave on their date. Later, the rest of the New Mutants go to the cemetery and find the ghost, who only tells them to “leave now while you can” and then teleports all of them away.


    After being teleported by the ghost, the New Mutants materialize over the lake and fall down. Thanks to the help of combined teamwork and the unsuspected aid of Julian, nobody gets hurt. Dani and Shan show up and explain to the kids that they have found out that they are dealing with the spirit of Jeffrey Garret, a kid who died when Magneto attacked and destroyed the school. Josh and Laurie come back from their date and kiss. Rahne sees that and she doesn’t want to ruin Laurie’s happiness, so she brakes up their relationship for good this time. However, none of them notice being overheard by Kevin from up in his room. The next day, Kevin pays a visit to the psychiatrist his advisor, Emma Frost, picked out for him, namely Dr. Sean Garrison. Later that night, Sofia asks Dani to close down the school cafeteria to hold a séance. Jay refuses to help, because he’s mad at the ghost because he messed with the photo of his lost love, Julia. But the group gets the help from both Dani, who offers her old Valkyrie powers, and Julian, who wants to clear his name. Together, they contact Jeffrey and convince him to stop haunting everyone. Kim realizes that she’s not a mutant and feels sorry, but David cheers her up and is happy to know that Kim most likely will never be the victim of hatred and prosecution. Noriko promises Jeffrey to help him when he needs it, and brings him to Shan’s class of Institute’s lower school.
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    Cable/Deadpool #1-6
    Deadpool gets a phone call from Paris, where he’s hired by the One World Church, a cult that tries to unite humanity by making everybody lose their identity. The Church’s leader wants Wade to retrieve a virus that can help them in their mission. Deadpool leaves for the facility in Germany, where the virus is processed. Meanwhile, Cable has been spying on that same facility, while staying in a hotel. He helps a mutant in the hotel by sending him to Charles Xavier and then calls Irene Merryweather for information on the Sunic Pharmacopoeia, which has created that virus. Deadpool infiltrates the facility with his usual lack of subtlety, while Cable simply walks into the building, shielded from all harm by his telekinetics. They both run into each other in the middle of the facility and neither is happy to see the other. Deadpool is about to fight Cable for the Façade-virus he was hired to retrieve but Cable simply blows up Deadpool’s head and leaves with the virus.
    On his way outside, he notices Hans Beimer, the head of the facility, who is now infected with the virus. Cable finds out that three anarchists have stolen the virus and infected themselves with it. The virus gives them shapeshifting powers but one of them is dying because of it. Cable tries to find them to destroy the virus. During his search, he finds the three, posing as celebrities, and asks Irene for info on them before he stops them. He then runs into Deadpool again and the encounter ends exactly the same as the first one. Cable flies off and finds one of the three anarchists, dying. The anarchist explains their plans of chaos and destruction. Cable can’t save him but he eases his pain. He then stops the second anarchist from killing other people. The third anarchist is also causing mass-destruction but Cable is capable of extracting the virus from her cells, saving her life. This process leaves Cable exhausted, though, and this time Deadpool shows up and shoots Cable. He returns to the One World Church and hands over the Façade-virus to their leader.
    Cable calls Irene to tell her that he’s fine and then has a discussion with Xavier, mentioning how the techno-organic virus is returning and that his own body can’t handle the full force of his powers. Meanwhile, Deadpool joins the One World Church to restore his lost skin. The process is long and painful though. Cable enters the One World Church, hidden by his telepathic powers. He tries to find out whether he should be with or against them and is surprised when the Church’s Prime Minister introduces their newest member: Brother Wade Wilson, who can see him. For days, Cable and the former Deadpool talk and Cable becomes convinced that the Church truly does believe in their cause. The Prime Minister shows Cable the way they want to transmit the Façade Virus to the world and he infects Cable with the virus. Cable then tries to take control of the machine that is supposed to infect humanity with the virus, saying that he wants to be the one to administer it to the public, but then his mutant powers disappear. The Prime Minister explains that he used the Façade Virus to block Cable’s powers and Deadpool attacks Cable.
    Weakened by his techno-organic virus and without his telepathy or telekinesis, Cable has to fight Deadpool. During the fight Cable manages to get Kruch to tell him about any cure, but Kruch replies that there isn’t one. Meanwhile, Deadpool notices that his healing factor is less effective due to the Façade Virus. Cable’s techno-organic infection becomes worse and Deadpool keeps coming back with heavier weapons, so in the end Cable has to resort to heavy weaponry as well. Kruch tries to escape, but his accounts have been raided by Hammer, Cable’s hacker ally. Finally, Cable falls down, taken over by the virus and at Deadpool’s mercy. He tries to convince Deadpool that what Kruch wants to do is wrong, but Deadpool turns around. The Façade Virus turns out to be flawed, though, and Deadpool starts to melt. Both men incapable of moving, Cable tells Deadpool that their only chance is each other’s blood.
    DP_puddle1.jpg[img]Meanwhile, Anton Kruch travels to Singapore to get the perfected strain of Façade Virus. In New York, Irene Merryweather tries to motivate Hammer to help her stop Kruch. Back in France, Cable manages to activate his telekinetic powers again and he swallows Deadpool, who has been reduced to a pile of goo. The process saves them both and even has the added bonus for Deadpool of restoring his face. Cable leaves for Singapore to stop Kruch. Deadpool gets on a plane to follow him. In Singapore, Cable tries to recover the Façade Virus from the Sunic Plant before Kruch gets there, but he has to fight Lightmaster, their new security measure. Cable manages to remove Lightmaster from the battlefield, long enough to modify the virus himself. Kruch appears and tries to convince Cable to let him go through with the plan. Cable rejects and uses Lightmaster, who turns out to be on Kruch’s side and his backup plan to transmit the modified virus instead all over the world. Deadpool’s flight is just about to land when it is hit by the virus, turning all the passengers pink. Everybody on the world has turned bright pink, due to Cable’s use of the Façade Virus. Only Deadpool and Cable are not affected. Over the next few days, Cable reassembles the parts of his old spacestation, Greymalkin, while Irene Merryweather and Hammer try to find a way to stop Cable. Irene tricks Cable into using his new teleporter. When he teleports next to her, he is merged with Deadpool: by mixing their blood before to save their lives, they have become genetically linked. Cable and Deadpool tear apart and heal. Irene uses the opportunity to point a gun at Cable, but Cable asks if she is planning to shoot him. He’s wrong; Deadpool takes to gun and fights Cable. During the fight, Cable finds a way around the teleporter problem and shoots Deadpool several times. He then restores everybody on the whole world to normal. Irene wonders why he did it, but is answered by Cable, opening one of her articles on her computer: an article that proclaims Cable savior of the human race. A few weeks later, Cable visits Deadpool to apologize: Deadpool’s restored skin was turned back to its old, disfigured state, when Cable cured the Façade Virus. Deadpool is angry with Cable, but shows him that he still has control over Cable’s teleporter and that he will use it to annoy Cable and stop him from going power-mad. Arriving back home, Nick Fury invites Deadpool to join S.H.I.E.L.D.’s alliance against Cable. Deadpool refuses, but the X-Men do join.[/img]
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    X-Men v2 #157-160

    Havok and Annie Ghazikhanian get into an argument about whether or not she did anything with Iceman the night of Polaris’ bachelorette party. But the discussion goes unanswered, as Havok, now a team leader, has X-Men responsibilities to attend to, such as tending to Jay Guthrie, who at his mothers’ request is going to be attending the Academy. Jay is going to be roommates with Squidboy, and they show Jay around, eventually running into Iceman, angry that the Juggernaut is allowed to know certain X-Men secrets and is using the Danger Room. Havok thinks Bobby’s attitude has something to do with the fact he has permanently become ice, and on the way to see Cyclops, who is now headmaster, they run into Rogue and Gambit, who also want to be taken off Havok’s team, but won't say why. Upon entering Cyclops’ office, they discover that everybody else has some problem with their team, or in Northstar’s case no team, however Cyclops will not let anyone change teams. Soon, Havok and all his team – Polaris, Iceman, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit and Juggernaut – meet with Emma Frost who has an assignment for them, hoping it may help them to work as a team, and the seven journey to China, where sometime ago a disaster happened. It was prophesied by the local monks as an “apocalypse”, but it went as far as to affect the Earth’s magnetic field, causing Lorna some pain. However as they search the rubble of the village, they discover someone who looks remarkably like…Xorn.


    Juggernaut informs everyone that the original Xorn had a star for a brain, and suggests that a leak in his helmet had something to do with the destruction of the surrounding area. The X-Men are about to take Xorn back to the mansion when they are stopped by Eight Chinese Immortals. The Immortals attack, one of them seriously injures Polaris, while Gambit gets trapped in another Immortal’s controlled vines as his playing card blows up while he was holding onto it, and he is blinded.


    Havok manages to knock out any remaining Immortals and they board the plane when something leaks from Xorn’s cracked head and begins to tear apart the X-jet. Havok manages to keep Xorn from opening another black hole by channeling his power through himself. The Eight Immortals return and remind the X-Men of the helmet Xorn was kept in which prevents his powers from acting out of control. They reveal that it is being held at a nearby military base, and so while the Eight Immortals lead Wolverine, Polaris, Rogue and the blinded Gambit some of the way, the squabbling Iceman and Juggernaut remain to keep an eye on Havok and Xorn – until the Collective Man shows up with some military aid, informing the heroes that they will die for setting Xorn free. Wolverine, Polaris, Rogue and Gambit are also confronted by the Collective Man when they arrive at the military base. At the Xavier Institute, Jay Guthrie has a run-in with Mindee of the Stepford Cuckoo’s while Squidboy tries to warn the White Queen that Black Tom Cassidy is on campus, but she doesn’t believe him.

    The X-Men fight off the Collective Man and the Chinese army, Iceman and Juggernaut having to set aside their squabbling as they protect Havok from danger. When the Collective Man becomes a giant, Iceman matches him in height, and manages to fell him. Elsewhere Wolverine fights his way through more Collective Men, as Polaris clears the base of all the other Collective Men and soldiers, before using magnetic resonance imaging to locate Xorn’s helmet and displaying her incredible powers further by bringing it to them, before flying them all back to Havok and the others.

    Later, back at the Institute, Havok and Annie make up after their fight, Havok telling her that he doesn’t want to know if she and Bobby slept together, while Bobby himself spends the night looking at photos of him and Lorna and him and Annie. Squidboy tries to convince Juggernaut that Black Tom Cassidy is amongst the trees, but Cain pretends to not believe him, however after sending Sammy inside, he calls out to his long time friend.
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    Weapon X #19-22

    During the months after defecting from Weapon X, Marrow has reorganized her old group, Gene Nation, and incorporated the leftover rebel cells of Cable’s Underground. Following her orders, the mutants have performed various terrorist attacks at some Weapon X training facilities for foot soldiers, but not all of the rebels like this change of course, as, under Cable, no innocents were harmed. Another of Marrow's problems is her control over her bone growth fading, again some structures growing on her temples. That is when Maverick sneaks into the base and points his gun at her, only to be subdued by Vessel and Hemingway. However, Maverick gets free, but Marrow manages to get him to listen – as they have the same cause, bringing down Weapon X, and with the rest of Cable’s Underground disassembled, why not join Gene Nation instead? Reluctantly, he agrees, neither of them aware of a second invader in the base – Agent Zero. Meanwhile, at the Weapon X compound, Jono romances a staff member and pressures her for information on how the compound is impervious to telepathic inquiries. He learns of some secret project called The Paths but, when checking out the chamber it’s supposed to be in, he finds that Paths is short for telepaths, about two dozen of them being held in stasis tubes.

    Marrow joyfully watches TV reports on Gene Nation’s latest activities, when, suddenly, Agent Zero breaks in and flips a wire around her neck. He threatens to choke her to death, unless she reveals him where her terrorists will strike next. Having no other choice, Marrow says that the next target is Grand central Station, but at least she catches him off-guard with the revelation that Maverick has joined her cause and will be performing the bombing. Zero distracted, Marrow breaks free and summons her most loyal members of Gene Nation. Knowing that fighting all of them would take too long, Agent Zero escapes, to try and stop Maverick before its too late. Before long, he spots him among the crowd at Grand Central Station. Although he could easily kill him, Zero approaches Maverick and asks him to reveal who he really is under that mask. Maverick has no intention of telling and, when he reaches inside his coat for a gun, Zero shoots him in the chest. However, Maverick wanted to shoot the real bomber, a female mutant who blows up, taking along most of Grand Central Station. Both Zero and Maverick survive, the latter just barely, and Zero curiously unmasks Maverick only to be shocked by the sight of a familiar face. Meanwhile, Chamber intends to free the many telepaths exploited by Weapon X to shield the compound from outside probing, but they tell him they are beyond saving; instead they tip him off to what’s happening at Neverland. Shocked by the dark events going on at the concentration camp, Jono gets overeager and uses his mobile phone to cancel the scheduled meeting with Logan, for he plans to stow away on a prison transport to Neverland. Despite Logan’s warnings, Jono goes through with his plan.

    Agent Zero demasks the badly injured Maverick and is startled to find that he is Chris Bradley, aka Bolt, Maverick’s old sidekick. Evidently, after having been informed of Maverick’s apparent death, Chris had decided to make the name live on and to make his mentor proud by hunting down and killing the Weapon X Program. However, he failed and he dies in Zero’s arms, before he has a chance to tell him that he is the real Maverick and that he indeed is proud of Chris’ actions. After grieving for his friend’s death, Zero wants revenge and hunts down every single member of Gene Nation and kills them. He even gets to Marrow and is ready to shoot her, but realizes that this would make her a martyr and would further inspire her terrorist cause. Therefore, he spares her and promises to kill every single mutant that supports her, until she realizes that she is all alone and useless. Meanwhile, Logan receives a phone call from Chamber, who has discovered Neverland and transmits him the coordinates of the place, when suddenly the connection breaks down. Logan travels to the coordinates, somewhere in the Canadian woods, and finds the concentration camp abandoned. Returning to the Weapon X compound, Agent Zero finds the place empty as well and he wonders what has happened and where everybody went.

    Following the Underground’s attack on the Weapon X compound, Aurora has flown herself, Malcolm Colcord and Jeffries to safety. Instead of taking them to their intended destination, Aurora drops both men in some desert and attacks Malcolm with her super-speed, in a new, third, never-before-seen persona, she has developed to cope with her emotional and physical trauma. Malcolm begs Aurora to finish him off, but she instead decides to abandon them and flies away. Jeffries takes the Director to the original, now abandoned Weapon X complex. Weeks pass, and Malcolm tries to drink himself death, much to Jeffries’ concern. Eventually, Malcolm becomes delusional and sees Wolverine, the man who was responsible for disfiguring his face. Surprisingly, “Wolverine” offers Malcolm his aid stating he needs to go back into the game. Malcolm refuses Wolverine's help and contacts his former superiors of the Weapon X Program. They thought he was dead by now and laugh at the thought of working together with him again. This time, Colcord lets himself be inspired by the hallucination of Wolverine, and he orders Jeffries to get the old Weapon X complex running again with his robots and to create a new army of Sentinels at their disposal. Jeffries does as told, and while he is happy to see Colcord smiling again, he is somewhat concerned about his mental state, for he keeps talking to himself - or actually to the hallucinatory Wolverine.
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    Weapon X #23-28
    End of Series

    At the end of World War II in a recently liberated concentration camp, a man the army troops call the Professor finds the journal from Nathan Essex, which quickly peaks his interest. Years pass and the Professor and his co-workers, Cornelius and Hines, observe the rather savage mutant known as James Howlett. Howlett is but one of several mutants the Professor is considering for the latest Weapon Plus program, for which he has been given charge of. As the programs are named by their number, this one will be "X." He gets a phone call from John Sublime, who is with the more advanced Weapon Plus Programs. When Sublime informs him that the government is shutting him down, the Professor responds by breaking off from the Plus Program. Years pass, and the Professor is dead. Sublime stands over his grave and meets Malcolm Colcord, who had an accident at the closing days of the Weapon X Program. Sublime suggests they work together so that he can get his revenge on Wolverine, the mutant responsible for his disfigurement. Colcord accepts. Years pass, and Colcord is happy with his restarted Weapon X program and its new side project, something called Neverland. He also finds his second-in-command, Brent Jackson. In the present day, Agent Zero walks through the deserted Weapon X Program and can only find the word "Roanoke" on the computer screens. Wolverine walks through the deserted Neverland, and finds the same. Fantomex digs up John Sublime's grave and finds out that it's empty. In the coffin, he finds a card that reads "Roanoke."

    In the town called Roanoke, a grandfather tells his grandchildren the story of a mysterious town that once also shared the same name. When a sea captain called John White, after three years, finally returned to his home colony, he found out that all 116 men, women and children who once lived there, had all went up and vanished into the air. White tried to find out what happened to the town and spent 20 years searching for survivors, but no one was ever found. When the story’s over, Wolverine shows up in Roanoke and unsheathes his claws and kills everyone living here. Later, sitting in a train, Wolverine wakes up from his nightmare and tries to calm himself down. Meanwhile, Fantomex arrives at the deserted Weapon X compound. There, Fantomex is caught by Agent Zero and the two have a little fight with each other.


    E.V.A. rushes into the building and calms the two gentlemen down and takes them aboard. E.V.A. lands in a grassy area, where nothing is left but grass and some trees. E.V.A. finds out that there was a civilization here once, but is now destroyed. There is also a man-made complex hidden underground here. Fantomex and Zero try to figure out what happened to the civilization. Their talking is cut short by Wolverine, who snikts his claws open and reveals that he happened to it.

    Wolverine reveals to Agent Zero and Fantomex that he killed the people in Roanoke, back when he was mind-controlled and working for Weapon X. He has also found a tree trunk with the word “Croatoan” on it. On the second “O,” there’s a button. When they push the button, a video-screen appears. As the screen opens, John Sublime reveals himself to be alive! Sublime explains that the Weapon X faculties have moved underground, because they are at war with the Weapon Plus Programs now and believe that they are harder to find underground. Sublime also reveals to Wolverine that he let him read the files at the World, and that one of the three men is the heart and body to Weapon X; but none of the three mutants realize which one of them it is. Sublime sends his various U-Men out to kill them. The mutants fight their way through and E.V.A. rescues them. Sublime lets them escape, knowing that Weapon X has made a move against them now, but as of today, so has he made a move against them. Later, a damaged E.V.A. lies in a grassfield, crippled and burning up in flames. Beneath her lies Fantomex, badly injured and not moving. Wolverine and Agent Zero are nowhere to be seen.

    Sabretooth’s employer, Megacorp, gives him his next mission: he has to kill his former boss, Mr. Sinister. After getting a quick history brief on Sinister’s past and current guise of Dr. Windsor, Sabretooth decides to go for it. Meanwhile, Dr. Windsor is still at it and is now the head of the Center for Homo Superior Medical Care. He convinces a mutant’s parents that there boy, Louis, is soon to die. The parents decide to let their boy be and leave. Sinister’s happy with his new test object and tells Scalphunter to move it to their faculty. Sabretooth makes it in but Sinister orders his new employee, Hans, to take care of him. Sabretooth and Hans fight, and Hans is the apparent winner of the fight by burning up Sabretooth’s body.

    In the year 1968, Sabretooth was on vacation in Vietnam when he was approached by Scalphunter. He and Sabretooth came to an understanding, if Sabretooth promised not to stick his nose into Scalphunter and his boss’ business. In the present day, Sabretooth is defeated by the Marauders known as Hans. Believing his enemy to be defeated, Hans walks out but Sabretooth lives and defeats Hans, making him fall off from a rooftop. Sabretooth wants to continue his search for Mr. Sinister, but is attacked by another new Marauder, a little guy that looks just like Hans! The little guy kicks Sabretooth down, but Sabretooth eventually defeats the little guy. Just as Sabretooth wants to kill the little Marauder, he is hit by another optic beam and drops off the roof. Exhausted, Sabretooth finds himself challenged by nine other new Marauders, all looking like Hans. Sabretooth gets up and wants to fight, but is too exhausted and faints. Luckily, Creed is found by his employers of Megacorp. They are a bit disappointed that Sabretooth failed them and want to give the assignment over to Wolverine. Sabretooth promises that he will find Mr. Sinister and walks out of the office building. Once outside, he is approached by Scalphunter, who finds it the right time that they come to an understanding.

    Scalphunter explains to Sabretooth how Hans and the other Children were created by Mr. Sinister. Scalphunter is afraid that he might die for good, now that Sinister has the Children, and reveals to Sabretooth how to get to Sinister’s secret location. Meanwhile, Sinister himself wants to eliminate Hans because he failed to stop Sabretooth. Suddenly, Sabretooth drops into Sinister’s castle and activates a device installed on his head, which defeats the Children. Sabretooth wants to fight Sinister and bring him to his bosses at MegaCorp. Grand and Tomes show up by themselves and pay Sabretooth with a big amount of money for his services. Sabretooth walks out, while Grand talks to Sinister in private. Grand reveals his true identity: that of John Sublime! Sublime makes a deal with Sinister. Sinister agrees and hands over Hans and the Children to Sublime and, in exchange, gets to take a peek at the mutant files that Sabretooth stole from Weapon X. Afterwards, Sabretooth returns to Satan’s Circus, where Peepers hands him over a note. Sabretooth leaves and drops the note, that reads “Brotherhood.”
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    Uncanny X-Men #448-449

    The X-Men return to Braddock Manor, following their battle with the Fury, and find the building mysteriously intact. Brian Braddock and his wife, Meggan, wait for them at the door. Inside, Brian explains that the manor is magic, and somehow takes care of itself. Despite being happy to see her old friends, Rachel senses something is wrong with the whole scenario. Once outside, she accesses a portion of her power and, in place of the pristine manor, she sees Jamie Braddock again. This time, he is standing amidst the ruins of the building. As quickly as the image hits her, it is gone. She seems to shrug it off and the team head to London, chauffeured by a woman with green lipstick. They change into evening dress for dinner with the queen but, once inside their car, they are gassed by their chauffeur, Viper. They wake up inside see-through spheres and with a large hologram of Viper standing beside them. She informs them that they are inside Murderworld and the object of her game is to kill them; especially Sage. They must also find and rescue the queen of England, because, if they don’t, she will die. Rachel is the first to emerge from her sphere, but she is severely beaten up by Viper. Without their powers, courtesy of some well-placed nanites, Viper has an advantage over the X-Men in that she knows the terrain. In their new environment, Kurt saves Storm from being swept underwater, but knows that, in escaping this trap, there’s bound to be another one waiting for them. Bishop and Sage emerge next to an illusion of the Tower of London. Sage somehow breaks her sphere using her fist, which surprises Bishop. Viper then appears and beats up Bishop before shooting Sage.


    Only her uniform protects her from certain death. She then holds a gun to Sage’s head and, despite Bishop’s warning that she will be hunted to the ends of the Earth, she pulls the trigger.

    Having shot Sage in the forehead, Viper proceeds to best Marvel Girl in physical combat, leaving Rachel and Bishop to face a squad of soldiers. Inexplicably, Sage stands up and shows her X.S.E badge to the captain, ordering him to stand down. She then wills the bullet from her forehead and switches off her image inducer, revealing that it is, after all, Wolverine. Bishop can’t believe he didn’t figure it out earlier. The queen, however, is still in danger, but Wolverine knows where she is. Meanwhile, Storm and Nightcrawler intrude on a Purity conference and Ororo has strong words with the organizer, Alice Tremaine, before taking her leave. Arriving at the London Eye, Alistaire Stuart informs the team, who now have their powers back, that the hostage is in the topmost car and two bombs are keeping her there. Viper’s voice tells the X-Men that there are two bombs. One conventional bomb will explode if they do nothing, or a baby nuke will explode if they try to rescue her. Also, it’s not really the Queen of England. It is Ella, one of her housemaids. The X-Men, despite Stuart’s objections, attempt a rescue and Storm creates a Jovian pressure field to crush the car, once Nightcrawler has teleported Ella to safety. Bishop blasts the car high into the sky, where the nuke explodes, harmlessly. Logan tells Alistaire that it was a risk, but Ororo made the right call. Meanwhile, Viper is on a mission to eliminate Courtney Ross. Before she kills her, however, Ross makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Later, Sebastian Shaw meets with them both and, together, they agree to rule the Hellfire Club, leaving the world theirs for the taking.

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    X-Men v2 #161-164

    A new Brotherhood consisting of Sabretooth, Exodus, Black Tom Cassidy, Avalanche, Nocturne and Mammomax attack a presentation in Philadelphia, but the X-Men are there and prepared for them - only during the course of the battle, the Brotherhood escape, and the X-Men do not learn what it is they want. At the Institute, Squidboy is looking for Juggernaut, which causes Iceman to argue with his teammates, reminding them that Juggernaut is on parole and needs to be accounted for at all times, especially as he was not with them during the mission. Squidboy’s mother also asks Sammy how he would feel if she started dating Juggernaut, which the boy doesn’t like. Rogue apologizes to the still-blinded Gambit for her part in his injuries, but when he goes off at her, she leaves. When Havok lets slip that the Brotherhood got away to Annie, she panics, and fearing the Brotherhood will come to the Institute she realizes she cannot be there anymore. Havok suggests she go somewhere safe, but what he doesn’t know is that she packs up and leaves forever, telling only Polaris. The Brotherhood argue about how the X-Men could have known they were going to attack, when Black Tom brings in his back up plan, which he has had in plotting for quite some time - Juggernaut!

    The new Brotherhood of Mutants learns Black Tom and Juggernaut’s plan, including the part about Cain being a mole within the X-Men all this time. However Nocturne isn’t so sure about things, and when she tries to make her exit, she is beaten by Cain, the extent of her injuries unknown. Squidboy sees his “hero“ beat on Nocturne and gets seriously upset, but before Sammy can alert the X-Men, Black Tom attacks kills him.


    This causes Cain to go on a rampage, tearing Black Tom’s head off, and attacking the other members of the Brotherhood. Shen Xorn reveals to Havok and the Emma that firstly it was not Magneto who did the things to them, but someone acting as an impostor, and that secondly, the person behind it all is still within their midst and has been for sometime. The telepathic Xorn feels that the mysterious assailant will strike again. Meanwhile, Havok is informed by Iceman that Juggernaut is still missing, and Jay Guthrie reveals that Sammy has gone looking for him. Alex realizes finally what is happening and assembles as many X-Men as he can, to go looking for the Brotherhood. Wolverine, Polaris and Rogue set out in one direction, while Havok, Iceman and Xorn go in another - and run into the Brotherhood. Havok manages to blast Juggernaut away with a plasma blast, but at the same time Sabretooth guts Xorn and Avalanche shatters Iceman, before opening up a gully and causing Havok and Xorn to fall in it. Black Tom puts himself back together, and Exodus is glad that his plan has not turned into a complete failure, before telling the others that they need to go kill the rest of the X-Men.

    As they drive out of the Institute, Carter complains to Annie that they cannot leave without saying goodbye, when Annie’s close friend Northstar appears before them and converses with Annie about her departure. Suddenly the telepathic Carter reveals to them that Sammy has been killed and now the Institute is under attack. The blinded Gambit has a vision of the Brotherhood attacking and seeks help, but can only find the snobbish Mindee of the Stepford Cuckoos, who is reluctant to help him, until Sabretooth attacks them and she uses her telepathy to guide Gambit’s kinetically charged cards.


    Avalanche joins in the battle, only to be taken out by Mindee as Sabretooth is rushed away by Northstar. Northstar uses his super speed to push Sabretooth through the forest as the ferocious mutant tells Jean-Paul he is more of a girl than his sister was. The mention of his missing sister Aurora gets Northstar so worked up that he beats Sabretooth until he is unconscious, ready to get an explanation as to his sister’s whereabouts when he wakes. Wolverine and Polaris discover the body of Sammy when they are approached by Nocturne, who is worried she may have helped the Brotherhood kill everyone at Xavier’s. Juggernaut and Iceman bicker as they dig for the buried Havok and Xorn, eventually uncovering them as Gambit and Mindee are cornered by Exodus and Rogue begins to get crushed alive by Black Tom. Wolverine, Havok, Polaris, Iceman, Northstar, Juggernaut, Xorn and Nocturne all regroup and prepare for battle against the Brotherhood.

    Icarus rescues Mindee and Gambit from Exodus, as the school chef Marilyn takes on Black Tom, who has trapped Rogue. Black Tom is repulsed by Marilyn and jibes Rogue as she tries to convince him not to hurt the four-armed chef. Wolverine, Havok, Polaris and the others regroup and run into Sabretooth. Logan is left to deal with Sabretooth on his own as Exodus, Avalanche and Mammomax argue and try to move onwards with the plan - until Havok, Polaris and the others arrive and begin to battle them. Northstar comes to the aid of Marilyn and after telling Black Tom the chef’s life story, Jean-Paul breaks the plant-mutant into nothing but twigs and leaves. However, Black Tom is not defeated, and vines spring forth from all over the Institute grounds, trapping the X-Men and their allies. Mindee is unable to use her telepathy to take control of Black Tom’s mind because it is so scattered, but Nocturne is able to phase into Tom, but finds herself unable to centralize his consciousness. Shen Xorn believes he has the only answer, which involves taking off his helmet and opening the black hole within his head. Mindee mind wipes the Brotherhood in case they are able to return from wherever it is that they are going to be sucked away too, and Juggernaut agrees to be sucked away with them so that he can protect Nocturne wherever they may wind up. With that, Juggernaut, Avalanche, Mammomax, Exodus and Black Tom with Nocturne inside him vanish into Xorn’s black hole. Xorn then requests to leave his place at the Institute, to which Havok agrees. The X-Men find Wolverine, who claims to have finished off Sabretooth, and Northstar is about to inform Havok that Annie has left, when Havok reveals that he already knows. However, Annie may find it no safer away from the Institute, as Carter reveals he has a new friend, who is not imaginary, and two eyes glow next to him inside the car as Annie is driving from the Institute.
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    Cable/Deadpool #7-10

    Deadpool fights ninja monks in Hong Kong to get an item they are guarding. He defeats them but is then defeated by the mercenary known as the Cat, who steals the item.


    Cable gives an interview to Irene about his recent actions and plans. Though, he has been helping people all over the world, Irene is afraid that he is abusing his powers. However, Cable says that, as a telepath, he knows what people want and they want what he can give them. Later, S.H.I.E.L.D. monitors Cable trying to establish peace in Chechnya. G.W. Bridge wants to stop Cable, but Nick Fury isn’t convinced that he has done anything wrong yet. He does give G.W. an order to assemble a team to stop Cable, should he make a mistake. Cable (still in Chechnya) shows them that he heard the whole conversation and that Nicholas is right. The X-Men try to find a way to defeat Cable but 75 Danger Room simulations later, they still haven’t found a way. Weasel tracks the Cat to Tokyo and Deadpool attacks the Cat at Roxxon’s base and the two fight again. Taking an employee hostage, Deadpool forces the Cat to give him the item he wanted back in Hong Kong. The Cat shows him the item and its counterpart, saying that it’s the only way to stop Cable. Deadpool grabs the item and bodyslides out. Merged again by the teleportation tech, Cable and Deadpool rip apart again after the bodyslide, but Deadpool doesn’t tell him about the item. After Cable leaves, Deadpool’s employer tells him about the next part of the item: it’s in the Savage Land. G.W. Bridge sees Cable leaving Deadpool’s apartment and finds this reason enough to deploy the new Six Pack to stop him.

    Deadpool steals another mysterious, high-tech device, but is knocked out by the Cat. The Cat takes the device and wants to escape, but is defeated by the X-Men, who take the device and Deadpool back to their mansion. Irene remains skeptical of Cable and wonders what is going to happen if people will resist. S.H.I.E.L.D. sends the new Six Pack to Cable’s base, Providence, where Cable defeats members Solo and Anaconda and shows the other members that Providence is not a military installation.


    G.W. Bridge isn’t convinced, but Domino sees that Cable is trying to do good. The X-Men turn out to be Deadpool’s employer and the devices he stole, all parts of Cable’s old space-station Greymalkin, can be used together to stop Cable. They don’t agree on their plan of action, though: Wolverine wants to use Deadpool, who is undetectable to Cable and capable of entering Cable’s base whenever he wants and plant the device. Emma doesn’t trust Deadpool and Beast is not sure yet that they should take action. Nick Fury has a teleconference with the presidents of the U.S.A and Russia, Reed Richards and various other heads of state where they try to decide what to do about Cable now they lost contact with the Six Pack. Nick Fury is against military action, but the two presidents disagree. Reed Richards is thinking about another, non-military solution, but is interrupted as Cable teleports in (with Deadpool in tow) and tells them that he’s tired of their actions and gives them 48 hours to dismantle their weapons before he throws all their weapons into the sun. He teleports out again and Deadpool lands back in the X-mansion. Cable ultimately makes Beast agree with the other X-Men that they should stop Cable now.

    24 hours in, the U.S. sends fighter planes against Cable and his floating city, but Cable easily stops their attack. Nick Fury does note that Cable’s nose has started bleeding, which means that he’s weakening. The X-Men are contacted and they are the next wave of attack: One group will cause a distraction, while Nightcrawler will set special charges that will disrupt Cable’s power temporarily. Their whole plan is depended on Deadpool, though, who has to use a special device against Cable. During the attack, Deadpool betrays the X-Men by shooting Bishop and Wolverine in the back and telling Cable of their plan. It turns out that Cable already had foreseen this attack. Nick Fury and Dugan note that the time limit they set for this attack has passed and the X-Men have probably failed, so Fury asks Dugan to contact Reed Richards. He faces the other X-Men, but sends his new allies Domino, Constrictor, Solo and Anaconda against them, while he goes back to talk to Deadpool. Cable finds out that, no matter how hard he tries to deny it, Deadpool actually believes in Cable. He tells Deadpool that while he’s surprised and flattered, he actually wanted Deadpool to succeed: his whole plan was to unite humanity against a common enemy. Cyclops attacks Cable and thinks that Cable’s plan will never work. Cable and Cyclops talk and Cable reveals that his powers won’t last for long but, as long as he has them, he needs to use them to make a difference. Cyclops thinks humanity isn’t ready yet for Cable’s plans and that others will be sent to attack him. Dugan tells Nick Fury that Reed Richards has contacted the ‘alien,’ but that, after hearing their cause, the alien just flew away. On Providence, Cable, who has foreseen everything till now, is surprised by the coming of the alien, who turns out to be the Silver Surfer


    The Silver Surfer attacks Cable and, although Cable tries to reason with him, the Surfer continues to fight. While Cable and the Surfer are fighting over the Pacific Ocean, Cyclops and Deadpool watch the fight for a few seconds, then Deadpool leaves “to do what I came here to do.” He runs into the Cat, who tells him to cooperate if he wants to save the planet and his friend. At this point, the gravity generators that keep Cable’s base afloat seem to ‘hiccup.’ The base trembles and Storm suggests to Domino that their teams stop fighting and try to repair the gravity generators. Solo, Domino and Nightcrawler make their way to the generators, while Cyclops, Cat and Deadpool will try to stop Cable and the rest try to save the humans on board Providence. Cable breaks the Surfer’s board, but the Surfer gets up and removes Cable’s metal arm with an energy blast, stating that Cable’s passion will consume the world and he can’t allow that to happen. Nightcrawler calls Cyclops and tells him that the gravity generators don’t work: Cable is keeping Providence afloat with his telekinesis. And now the Surfer has defeated Cable, Providence starts to crash. Deadpool wants to use the device he has been assembling on Cable’s equipment, but Cyclops doesn’t trust him. The Cat knocks out Cyclops and Deadpool activates the device, then bodyslides to Cable’s Swiss Cabin. Rachel keeps Providence up telekinetically, but is straining, while Deadpool uses the device on Cable. The device activates the last bit of Cable’s powers and he lowers Providence into the Ocean and connects the minds of humanity for a few moments so they can see what is in each other’s heart. Irene explains to Nick Fury and the X-Men that the device Deadpool used lobotomized Cable to limit his powers. Deadpool stands over Cable’s comatose body.

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    New X-Men: Academy-X #10-12

    Following another mocking from Julian, David believes that he’s useless if he can’t keep the knowledge he absorbs. After a session with Emma Frost, he finds out that a mental block in his mind prevents him from keeping it. He wants it removed. After a discussion with Dani, David decides to go for it. The plan works and, day after day, David absorbs everything he can: from science knowledge to fighting skills. But his attitude too changes, and not in the good way. Meanwhile, Kevin holds another session with Dr. Sean Garrison, who’s interested to learn more about Laurie after Kevin mentions what her powers are. Later, new Field Day contests are held, and this year the New Mutants win! David also gets a trophy for all-around academic excellence. A few hours later, David announces that the school has got nothing more to offer him and leaves. However, he promises to help Josh find the full potential of his powers. Three months pass. In this time, David creates his very own Alleyne Enterprises and gathers a press conference. Proudly, he announces to have found a cure for both cancer and AIDS! And he did that together with Josh Foley, who agreed to serve as test object. But unfortunately, this caused Josh to die.


    Eighteen years later. Dani gets summoned to David, who is now the president of the United States! He informs her about his plan to bring world peace, and is close to reach it. But not all countries have joined America yet, and therefore David wants to destroy China, in the hope that the other countries will join his land peacefully. Dani tries to fight back, but gets bound on a chair and killed by toxins. He regrets the decision, as he once loved Dani and would have done everything for her if he ever showed some affection back. David’s wife, Noriko, sees it all happening and runs away from him. She gathers the entire New Mutants team, and they plan a counter attack. Despite their many differences, they make a truce with the Hellions and attack the White House. David has foreseen it all happening, and had a back-up plan. He faked a threat in outer space the Hellions were responsible for, and sent the entire X-Men team to investigate it. They did and, once on the crime scene, David blew it up, killing all the X-Men. Everyone fights back, but David kills most of the Hellions and the New Mutants. Noriko is left, and she overloads her powers. Thereby killing herself, David and blowing up the entire White House. Emma Frost and Dani stop the session, and hope that Dani has seen why he isn’t ready for his mental block to be removed. David’s freaked out, but Dani and Emma make it clear that it was all just a mixture of telepathy, and Dani used her fear powers on David to make him experience it all like it was very real. David agrees for the block not to be removed, and wants to study and hope that his future achievements will all be earned. He walks out with Dani, and they clear up their relationship and both agree that David’s affections towards her can never become reality. Later, Josh is approached by Kevin. He threatens Josh to break up his relationship with Laurie, or else he’ll tell the entire school about Josh’s former relationship with Wolfsbane, and they’ll both be expelled.

    It’s another Field Day. Wolfsbane’s Paragons Squad manages to fulfill their mission in perfect time and with minimum civilian casualties, and are about to win. The New Mutants are the last ones to go. They prove to be better than the Paragons Squad, and manage to defeat “the Hulk” in even less time. After the session, the team cheers about their victory. Kevin notices that Jay and Laurie are still together, and decides to go on with his earlier threat. He visits Emma, and informs her about the former relationship Josh and Rahne had. They aren’t happy about it, and contact Wolfsbane. She fears that she’s going to get fired, and decides to leave the school, planning to work for Jamie Madrox fulltime. Laurie learns of it too, and angrily breaks up her relationship with Josh. He even gets into an argument with David about it. Meanwhile, Sofia and Jay go to learn swing dancing together in the Hunter Dance Studio. At the school, David continues to avoid Noriko after the future session in his head. Dani tries to cheer him up, but he doesn’t know how to deal with it yet. Later, Scott and Emma contact Dr. Sean Garrison and offer him to become the Institute’s counselor. He’s interested, but can’t come this semester. Emma and Scott send him some files about their students and, after seeing pictures of Laurie and her mom, Sean contacts the Headmasters again, and tells them he can join them next school year. Once the phone is down, Sean smiles, and says that he’s got big plans.
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    Uncanny X-Men #450-454

    At the Xavier Institute Nightcrawler and Marvel Girl complete a Danger Room training session and share a short yet passionate kiss. They are interrupted by Wolverine and Storm who are headed out for a “night on the town.” Meanwhile, on Manhattan’s lower east side, a terrorized girl named Jade Parisi runs through the streets screaming for help. She is brutally attacked by four young men who are promptly and violently dispatched by a clawed mutant seen only in shadow. After killing the four would-be attackers, the silhouetted mutant stares ominously at the hysterical Jade who screams out in fear. In the Xavier institute’s library, Sage shuffles through old photographs as she remembers her days in the Hellfire Club. Her reverie is interrupted by the sound of an argument between Marie D’Ancanto and several mutant students. Sage promptly ends this argument. Logan’s and Ororo’s night on the town is interrupted by a page from the medical examiner in District X’s morgue. The M.E. reports that four slaughtered young men, mutant-bashers, were discovered in District X. The slash marks on the bodies indicate claws very similar to Logan’s. The X-Men also learn that Jade Parisi, daughter of a powerful mob boss is missing and believed kidnapped. Later, outside a night club in District X, the X-Men interrogate an informant for information on Jade. Logan investigates the night club and discovers a young girl with a familiar scent. After a short scuffle, the girl pops two claws from each forearm and stabs Logan through the chest.


    As the terrified crowd continues stampeding out of Wannabee’s club, a wounded Wolverine attempts to confront X-23. She thoroughly trounces Wolverine and makes her escape. Nightcrawler pursues her, while Storm and Bishop tend to Logan's and Rachel’s wounds. X-23 exits the club and pursues the group of Bacchae that opened fire in the night club until she is apprehended by the X-Men. Logan and Kurt watch over X-23 while the remaining X-Men defeat the Bacchae gangsters on their own turf and rescue Jade Parisi’s boyfriend Matthew. The X-Men learn from X-23 and Matthew that Jade had been on her way to meet Matthew when she was attacked. As X-23 informs the others that Jade is quite safe, Geech (an enforcer for the mob) drops from the sky and begins throwing the X-Men around like paper dolls and demanding to know Jade’s location. Just as the X-Men gain the upper hand, Kurt appears with Jade and calls Geech off. After things have cooled down, X-23 leaves. Sage watches the events of the evening through her communicator lenses, cuts contact with the X-Men and makes her way back to the Hellfire Club.

    The X-Men are aided in their search for the missing Sage by Emma Frost. Emma leads them to the lower levels of the Hellfire Club and helps them by using a global transmat system to follow Sage’s path across the globe. Rachel and Emma are transported to Hong Kong, while the remaining X-Men are surprisingly dumped into a sewer beneath Paris. Rachel immediately blames Emma for the X-Men’s disappearance. A grudge match between the two women ensues on the astral plane. Rachel gains and loses the upper hand but relents when Emma demonstrates the unconditional love that Scott has for Emma.



    An uneasy alliance is formed between the two women and they move into a high stakes auction event at an exclusive Hellfire Club party where mutant slaves are being sold to the highest bidder. Emma moves in to confront “Courtney Ross” (The White Queen) and Viper (The White Princess) in a high stakes game of cards while Rachel moves to release the prisoners that the Club is preparing to sell. What neither realizes is that Selene (The Black Queen) is following Rachel and that she is hungry. Meanwhile, in the sewers of Paris, Bishop suddenly turns on his teammates and shoots them all down.

    As Nightcrawler awakens, Bishop explains that he shot his teammates in order to cleanse them from a nannite infection that had invaded their bodies when they appeared in the sewers. Nightcrawler teleports the team away from the sewers to prevent further infection and give them time to gain their footing. As the team recovers, they determine that the nannite trap was more than likely set by Sebastian Shaw and possibly Sage. Storm tells Nightcrawler to take the wounded Wolverine to X-Corp Paris to recover while she and Bishop track down Shaw and Sage. Storm and Bishop are able to locate Shaw and Sage at a sprawling estate. Shaw introduces Sunspot (Roberto DaCosta) as the Hellfire Club’s new Black King. It seems that Sunspot, Shaw, Sage, Courtney Ross, Viper and Red Lotus are reworking the Hellfire Club from within to make it an institution to help mutants in the world. They are secretly trying to bring this slaver’s network down. The X-Men express grave reservations about this scenario, but Shaw insists that he has changed and now wants to embrace Xavier’s ideals and goals. Before the X-Men can digest this information completely, they, Sage, Sunspot and Shaw are all attacked and incapacitated by Donald Pierce.


    Meanwhile, Emma Frost and Courtney Ross come to a draw in their high-stakes card game in the Hellfire Club Hong Kong. Rachel also continues her invisible search through the club for the mutant slaves being sold at auction. Her search is fruitless until she accidentally stumbles across an Asian couple who demand that she identify herself. Rachel tries to bluff her way through, but the girl attacks. Rachel is suddenly rescued by Red Lotus who claims he needs to take her to see the White Queen. Selene also intervenes and tells the Asian girl to let them go. Selene wants the starchylde for herself. Red Lotus then explains the new reformed Hellfire Club concept to Rachel.
    Wolverine and Nightcrawler are enjoying coffee in a Paris bookstore while they discuss the recent romantic entanglements of the team: the Kurt, Ororo, Logan triangle, and Kurt’s recent kiss with Rachel. Without warning they are attacked by a large group of armed soldiers.

    The X-Men conclude their two-fold battle against and at the side of the new Hellfire Club. Donald Pierce and his Cleaning Crew attack the X-Men, Roberto daCosta, Sage, and Sebastian Shaw. The X-Men successfully escape Pierce’s attack, and a mortally wounded Sebastian Shaw decapitates Pierce. Sage also reveals her duplicitous role in the formation of the new Hellfire Club. In Hong Kong, Rachel defeats Selene while Viper, Courtney Ross and Emma Frost upset the Hellfire Club’s mutant slave ring.
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    Cable/Deadpool #11-12

    After lobotomizing Cable on his own request, the world now blames Deadpool for killing their savior, while Deadpool tries to find a way to save Cable. He infiltrates an A.I.M.-base and negotiates with MODOK after a long fight to get a techno-organic alien embryo. He contacts Weasel, who tells him to bring the embryo to his apartment in London. On Providence, Irene and Nick Fury talk: despite Cable’s disappearance, Providence, now an island, is still growing and Irene wants to use it to fulfill Cable’s wish: a place where thinkers can meet and find a way to improve the world. The Six Pack finds Cable’s floating body in his Switzerland safehouse, but they are transported into his mind. Inside his mind, Cable tells that they will be there till he dies, because he doesn’t have enough power to free them. Weasel tells Deadpool that he needs to contact the Fixer to help them merge the alien embryo with Cable. Outside, an unseen stalker is listening in on the conversation. Deadpool travels to Florida Beach where the Fixer is staying and Fixer, having worked with Deadpool before, refuses to help him. Deadpool can’t remember meeting Fixer ever before, but Fixer mentions several times they worked before and each of them was a disaster to him. He tries to kill Deadpool, but when Deadpool mentions what he wants Fixer to do, he’s interested. When he hears that this is going to save Cable he’s even willing to do it for free (though he finally settles for half price). Back on Providence, Rabbi Rosen tells Irene that he heard that some people hired an assassin to stop Cable’s resurrection and that this assassin has a good chance of succeeding, because he knows Deadpool better than anybody else. In Weasel’s London apartment, Fixer looks at the alien embryo and decides that he can do what they ask of him. The still-hidden stalker then tries to shoot the alien embryo, but hits Fixer’s hand instead. The container with the embryo is knocked over and opens. Finally revealing himself, Agent X crashes through the window, ready to kill.

    Deadpool and Agent X take the fight out of the window, while inside the Phalanx Baby has escaped and is making life difficult for Fixer and Weasel. After a long fight, Deadpool gets up a bit quicker than Agent X and uses his sword on him. He then goes back inside and shoots the Phalanx Baby off Fixer’s face. They now need to take the baby to Cable and, thanks to a comment of Fixer, Deadpool remembers where Cable is. The Six Pack is in Cable’s safehouse in Switzerland, where an out-of-control Cable has pulled them inside his mind. His mind is a warped cartoon world, where he tells them all that he is dying and happy no longer having to fight. He also tells them that they will all die once he dies, because they are linked to his mind. Deadpool and Fixer arrive at Cable’s safehouse and Fixer merges the Phalanx baby with Cable. Inside Cable’s mind, the Phalanx Baby becomes a giant monster that battles Cable. Cable is not fighting back until Domino convinces him to do so. Cable gains control over the techno-organic creature. Agent X shows up and wants Deadpool to give back his pancreas; Deadpool having took it while using his sword on him earlier. Deadpool and Agent X are at a standoff for a while, but in the end Agent X is willing to let his mission go if he can have his pancreas back.


    Deadpool agrees, but tries to get Agent X to tell who hired him. Agent X is unwilling to say, but hints that it is somebody who doesn’t want to see Cable resurrected three days after his death. By now, Cable wakes up again and has shaped the alien baby into a new arm and other missing body parts. The Six Pack is still out of it, but slowly coming around. Cable thanks Fixer and Deadpool, then turns to Agent X and asks him to tell his employers that he is no threat to them. Cable then moves to Providence to rest and heal. One week later, Nick Fury and Cable talk about Providence slowly becoming a country in itself. Nick Fury leaves with the advice to Cable to not mess with him. Irene enters and asks Cable if he is going to keep messing with them. Cable says he will.

    X-Men v2 #165

    The X-Men help rescue survivors of a major car crash that happens near their home. X-23 gets into a fight with one of the boys she is trying to help, and later, Wolverine places her as roommates with Shadowcat and Marvel Girl. Hellion, much to his annoyance, is forced to go on a trip with other students to help at a hospice, and Archangel and Husk come home for Christmas, also go to help. Iceman, Gambit, Kitty, Rachel, Beast and X-23 play a prank on the students at the Institute, resulting in a huge snowball fight. Lila Cheney puts on a concert for the students, while Storm teaches Wind Dancer about her powers. Archangel and Cannonball play a prank on Hellion while Polaris surprises Iceman by kissing him. Elixir and Sage come up with a plan to restore Gambit’s eyesight, and it works. Rachel gets an interesting gift in the form of getting to meet Jean Grey’s parents - John and Elaine Grey. Xavier and Magneto watch the Christmas party via astral projection, and when a family that the X-Men rescued from the crash come by, including the boy who hit X-23, the family are invited to join the party by the forgiving X-23. Charles and Magneto see that moment as representative of this season of joy, and hope.
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    Uncanny X-Men #455-459

    The X-Men return home from Paris and Hong Kong only to be called back out to France to see a rather angry Psylocke who has recently returned from the dead. The mystery deepens as Psylocke’s mind proves to be unreadable for Marvel Girl. Wolverine and an old friend of his, Mary McKenna (unknowingly accompanied by X-23), tackle a solo mission in Canada which ends tragically. The X-Men come to the rescue, but may be too late.

    While Psylocke waits imprisoned in the X-plane and has a strange encounter with her mad brother on the Astral Plane, the X-Men are ambushed and do battle with a band of costumed humanoid dinosaurs. The dinosaurs use their superhuman abilities to usurp Rachel’s mind causing her to think she is a dino-mutant. Rachel turns her telepathy against her teammates and helps the dinosaurs defeat the team. The X-Men are taken captive and carried through a glowing portal. X-23 alone escapes and frees Psylocke from the X-plane who single-handedly defeats the remaining dino-humanoids; together, she and X-23 enter an open portal to rescue the kidnapped X-Men including Wolverine, but are stopped by their attackers.

    Rachel continues in her delusional belief that she is a Saurian, and she even subconsciously begins to alter her DNA structure telekinetically to reflect this. Storm, Bishop, and Nightcrawler attempt an escape and the latter two succeed while Storm is once again subdued by the delusional Rachel. Bishop and Nightcrawler are reunited with a strangely powerful Psylocke and X-23 who have been joined by the Savage Land Mutates and Ka-Zar.

    The X-Men form an uneasy alliance with the Savage Land Mutates and a fierce battle ensues between the allies and the reptilian Hauk’ka. At Bishop’s request, Psylocke hesitantly agrees to use her unpredictable psychokinetic katana to restore both his and Nightcrawler’s mutant abilities, and the battle continues. R’Chel, still under the dino-delusion, attacks and very nearly ends the battle, but Bishop takes her down with his newly restored power. The X-Men and Mutates defeat the Hauk’ka and capture one of their number, Raina. Nightcrawler teleports the X-Men and their allies to a cave out of the range of the Hauk-ka as the defeated Saurians carpet-bomb the jungle. Kaidan commands Masano to return with R’Chel to the citadel which she does. Despite the growing doubts of some of the Hauk’ka, Rachel begins to usurp control of Storm’s mind with the goal of world-domination. Snow begins to fall in the Savage Land.


    All over the world, sub-zero temperatures are sending civilization into a frosty panic. The X-Men wait in a cavern in the Savage Land until the time is right for them to strike. After X-23 frees Ka-Zar and Raina from Leash’s mind control, the X-Men and the remaining Mutates teleport to the citadel to confront R’Chel. They fight their way through the Hauk’ka soldiers and enter the stasis vault where R’Chel is controlling Storm. With the help of Brainchild’s invention and Betsy’s psychic katana, the group is able to stop R’Chel, but Brainchild’s treachery sets the ice-storms in motion even worse than before. After X-23 dispatches Brainchild, R’Chel accepts the advice of Kaidan, Raina, and Masano that this plan was ill-conceived and will result in the deaths of the Hauk’ka as well. She merges minds with Storm and is able to stop the global freeze. In the process, she is freed from her dino-delusion. Later, Kurt’s skillful use of charismatic diplomacy convinces the Hauk’ka to live at peace with the world.

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    X-Men v2 #166-170

    Havok, Polaris, Iceman, Rogue and Gambit arrive in Antarctica after receiving distress calls from a mutant colony trying to set up their own Utopia. Discovering masses of mutant bodies, either dead by suicide or killing each other, the X-Men also discover “Golgotha” scrawled on the wall in blood.


    The White Queen telepathically informs them the biblical meaning of Golgotha, before a mutant reveals himself to be alive still - only to kill himself in front of them. Polaris is then attacked by a perverse mutant, and ends up killing him. Havok scolds Lorna for using her powers to kill, when a group of zombie like mutants approaches them. Rogue uses her powers to go into the mind of one of them and learns little, before they are attacked by another group of mutants. They manage to subdue one of them, who, after telling them that they will never escape, bites his tongue off so he doesn’t have to tell them anything about Golgotha. The White Queen then arrives, and after riling Havok, the mutant has a heart attack, but before he dies Emma learns who Golgotha is, and where it is.

    The X-Men find Golgotha and debate whether or not to bring him back to the States. The White Queen wants to study him, but Havok thinks he is too dangerous, eventually Wolverine convinces them to compromise. Some of the X-Men comment about Polaris’ mental stability, while Iceman makes a joke about Gambit and Rogue not being able to touch - Gambit admits that it is getting to him, and later Rogue reveals that it is getting to her also. Some of the X-Men travel to Calvary, which turns out to be only one of several possible Calvary’s, but while there, Rogue and Gambit discover a small trinket shaped like the Golgotha they found in the South Pole. The White Queen hooks herself up to Cerebra and links to Golgotha - and suffers for it, as she is collapses while trying to leave and warn the others of something. Meanwhile, a mutant called Boy is let go by his rich human employers who used him as a servant. He recruits dozens of mutants in Las Angeles, and later they murder the rich family and their friends, leaving “Golgotha” scrawled on the wall in blood.

    Emma regains consciousness and warns the X-Men in Calvary, who are fighting a second “Golgotha” that there is still trouble in LA, as Boy and his gang kill restaurant patrons, before making their own headquarters at a Western film set, and later kill some television executives. After Wolverine comments that Havok does have a problem with Iceman and Polaris, the three of them go to LA and after Wolverine gives Bobby some advice on how to deal with Polaris and Havok, they locate Boy and his followers and bring Boy back to the Institute. Boy’s arrival sparks some trivial problems between the friends and teammates in the X-Men, and he jibes Wolverine by telling him he is too old to be hanging around the X-Men. Later, Wolverine considers what Boy said and decides to leave to clear his head - only to discover that Emma has imposed a twenty-four hour quarantine on them all.

    During quarantine they search for the real Golgotha, which is smaller than a pea, but grows as it feeds on people's fears and demons. They all deal with their own fears: Polaris deals with insanity, Iceman has to contend with everything around him turning to ice. Gambit and Rogue are forced to confront not only their feelings for each other, but Rogue kisses Wolverine and absorbs his life energies, believing that she is actually Wolverine. Gambit also fights an imaginary Mr. Sinister. Wolverine is confronted by his age and whether he still belongs with the X-Men, as Havok is compared to Cyclops and must deal with Polaris and Iceman being an item. The White Queen meanwhile looks into a mirror and sees herself old, and is about to perform plastic surgery on herself, until Havok stops her. Believing him to by Cyclops she attacks him. Eventually, Polaris rises above the madness and after seeing Golgotha on the x-jet which she apparently checked, she knows she is not insane. The X-Men regroup and destroy Golgotha. However it is not all over, as a mutant known as Gazer who lives aboard a space station informs Emma that there is some kind of space storm headed for Earth, and indeed, hundreds of Golgotha are making their way to Earth.

    The X-Men try to convince General O’Shea to let them go into space to deal with the Golgotha, but he doesn’t like the idea - until, as Emma Frost later reveals, he realizes that they probably won't survive, which suits his anti-mutant agenda. After taking a NASA spaceship to a space station, the X-Men prepare for the battle against over three hundred Golgotha, while dealing with all the emotions and events that Golgotha has recently caused them. Havok suggests to everyone that they pretend what Golgotha did to them never happened. Everyone has mixed feelings about that, before they don their spacesuits and head into space for the battle, where Havok and Polaris, the two most powerful X-Men, will be using their powers to tear through the Golgotha, and the others are to pick up any they miss. Iceman is annoyed about Lorna having to work with Havok, and soon Alex and Lorna are separated from the others after a large power surge from Havok. While Wolverine, Emma, Iceman and the others discuss what to do, Alex and Lorna soon return, with Havok deciding that perhaps they shouldn’t pretend what Golgotha did never happened. Polaris is acting rather strangely, before suddenly unleashing a powerful blast which kills the remaining Golgotha after she whispers that it looked right at her. Afterwards though, Lorna reveals that she cannot remember what happened. Later, O’Shea and the President discuss what happened, with the President stating that he doesn’t want the world to know that the world was saved by mutants, not that he has anything against them, but because he doesn’t want them turned into heroes.
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    X-Men: Pheonix Endsong #1-5

    The Phoenix force is resurrected, only to be shattered again by a Shi’ar crew. It heads to Earth, very weakened and in the form of a firefly, it arrives at the home of the X-Men, and flutters around Wolverine, the Stepford Cuckoos, and Beast, while discovering that Quentin Quire is still alive and held in a tank in Beast’s lab. The Phoenix finds Cyclops and the White Queen, and causes Scott to dream about he and Jean Grey, resulting in him losing control of his powers temporarily. After Cyclops talks to Beast, a very disgruntled White Queen reminds Scott that Jean Grey, his first love, is dead. The Phoenix finds the graveyard and calls to Jean Grey, who, even though she is not ready, climbs out of her coffin and back to Earth.


    The Phoenix and Jean struggle, before the Phoenix once again takes up residence in Jean’s body. Wolverine discovers the resurrected Jean and tries to learn what she is doing alive. The Phoenix forces Jean to don the Dark Phoenix colors, before Logan gets ready to kill her again - except the Phoenix stops him, and with Jean struggling to take control, it flies away.

    Cyclops and the White Queen try to resolve their relationship conflicts over Jean Grey, when Wolverine informs them that Jean is back. Several X-Men discuss their options on what to do regarding the return of the Phoenix who has resurrected Jean Grey. They mostly agree that Jean is fighting the Phoenix, who has again become Dark Phoenix. Cyclops gives everyone their orders and sets about his plan, having Beast make a containment egg to hold the Phoenix once they capture her. Everyone is shocked when Quentin Quire is resurrected and goes in search of his beloved Sophie, only to find that she has died. He brings her body to the surface and decides that he will see what the Phoenix can do for them. Storm and Nightcrawler deal with a hurricane that is moving in the wrong direction, before coming into contact with the Shi’ar crew that have been harassing the Phoenix. They confront the Shi’ar vessel which is set on destroying the Phoenix and the second Omega mutant, Quentin Quire, who is moving North. After much debate, the Phoenix and Wolverine are bombed with a Shi’ar weapon, before Storm convinces them to help her stop Quire, not kill him.

    Meanwhile, Cyclops, the White Queen, Shadowcat, Archangel and Beast prepare for their battle with the Phoenix / Jean, who is currently antagonising Wolverine. Wolverine and the Phoenix survived the bomb from the Shi’ar, and Logan goes about killing the Phoenix over and over again.


    Jean seems to take control, and plunges into the frozen waters beneath them. Cyclops and company arrive, and the Phoenix returns, and the X-Men realize that it was not Jean who returned for Cyclops, but the Phoenix!

    The Phoenix Entity holds Cyclops in her grasp, using his optic blasts to power itself, while Wolverine, the White Queen, Beast, Shadowcat, Archangel try to defend Cyclops. The X-Men know that the Phoenix thinks it wants Cyclops for love, because Jean Grey used to want him too. Cyclops has Kitty ready to crush his heart. The Phoenix says things that Scott knows he wanted Jean to say, until Emma re-enters the fray, offering the Phoenix her help, as the Phoenix cannot get Cyclops on her own. Before Emma can let the Phoenix consume her, Kitty grabs her, reminding everyone that Emma was once one of their greatest enemies, until Wolverine talks Kitty out of it.


    The Phoenix consumes Emma, and while it gets used to the new form, Cyclops grabs her and seals them both in the containment egg. Inside, Emma / the Phoenix bathes in Cyclops’ optic blasts, while Beast monitors the egg, assuring everyone that no cosmic energy is escaping. But after a while, Emma can no longer contain the Phoenix, she is not strong enough for it, and adding to complications is the arrival of Quentin Quire at the Phoenix’s location.


    Wolverine engages Quentin Quire in battle while Beast and Shadowcat defend the egg housing the Phoenix, Cyclops and Emma, however Quire manages to crack it, at the same time as Emma gives in to the Phoenix’s power. The X-Men turn their attention to stopping the Phoenix, but Quire manages to intrigue her, and they protect themselves from the others. The Shi’ar learn that Quire has claimed the Phoenix and begin the Endsong as they prepare for an Event Horizon, to destroy both the Phoenix and Quire, which Storm does not object to. Storm and Nightcrawler leave the Shi’ar to be with their friends, and watch as the Phoenix resurrects Sophie, who learns that Quentin expects her to be his girlfriend. Sophie is disgusted and kills herself, causing her sisters who are watching telepathically to jibe Quire, who goes insane. The Phoenix proceeds to leave in Emma’s body, until Storm stops her temporarily. Cyclops and Wolverine agree that they need Jean’s help, and as Scott blasts the ice where Jean is frozen, she emerges, firstly freeing Emma from the Phoenix’s hold, before she once again bonds with the Phoenix, to her friends’ protests. Cyclops informs a cosmic Jean that he knows why she came back, and with the help of the Stepford Cuckoos Emma uses her powers to telepathically “bring” the other X-Men to Jean, including Polaris, Rachel and Xavier. Various images of Jean’s time with her friends are seen, before Jean creates a new white and gold outfit for herself, just as the Shi’ar launch their Event Horizon, killing everyone. Cyclops finds himself elsewhere with Jean, and Cyclops fills Jean with assurance of who she is, and optic power. The X-Men wake, knowing that Jean saved them, and they saved her. Quentin dissipates and returns to his tank at the Institute, while later, a firefly lands at the window of the Stepford Cuckoos. One of the Cuckoos wakes up and asks the firefly what took it so long.
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    X-23: Innocence Lost #1-6

    A top-secret program led by Dr. Martin Sutter and his young protégé, Dr. Zander Rice is struggling to recreate the original Weapon X using a damaged cellular sample. After years of failures, Sutter hires leading geneticist Dr. Sarah Kinney to take the project in a bold new direction. Unable to reconstruct the severely damaged Y chromosome, Dr. Kinney proposes creating a female specimen using the intact X chromosome. Her request is denied, but Kinney defies order and creates a viable female specimen anyway. Unable to argue with her success, Sutter reluctantly approves her new approach despite Zander’s protests. Zander retaliates against Kinney by forcing her to serve as the surrogate mother. During the months that she is pregnant with specimen X-23, Dr. Kinney realizes the inhumanity of her actions.

    X-23 is being forged into a weapon by her creators. Her life is not like that of other children. She sleeps in a cold, sterile cell. But her life is not without glimmers of human warmth. Dr. Sarah Kinney continues to undermine the program’s goals by showing X-23 some maternal affection and reading fairy tales to her. X-23 trains daily with a sensei, who looks on her with fatherly pride and offers the girl some human compassion. This does not escape the notice of Dr. Zander Rice who is driven to turn X-23 into a weapon he can use to avenge his father’s death at the hands of Weapon X. He uses radiation poisoning to force the early manifestation of X-23’s powers so that he can move up his plans to use her as a weapon. He then puts her through a painful surgery to remove her claws and lace them with adamantium. He also develops a trigger scent that will send her into a berserker rage. He tests this new control tool on X-23, unleashing her on her unsuspecting sensei. X-23 recovers from the blinding fury of the berserker rage and is shocked to see that she has killed her beloved sensei.


    The program assigns a ten-year-old X-23 to assassinate a US presidential candidate. She comes through with flying colors and her career as an assassin is successfully launched. Her services are offered at 55 million dollars and there is no lack of customers willing to pay the price. As killing becomes a regular part of X-23’s life, she becomes more withdrawn and distant. Not even her “mother”, Dr. Sarah Kinney can get through to her. Secrets and lies continue to plague the program’s vengeful coordinator Dr. Zander Rice. He is being pressured by his former lover, Rachel to reveal the truth about their affair and the son that resulted to her husband and the program’s director, Martin Sutter. Zander becomes enraged by this and takes his anger out on X-23. Rice accompanies X-23 on a mission and orders the extraction team to abandon X-23, who finds herself surrounded by a lethal team of AIM agents who open fire on the young assassin.

    X-23 survives her encounter with AIM and returns to the Weapon X recreation program, to the delight of Dr. Kinney and the surprise of Zander Rice. Sarah tries to learn what happened on X-23’s last mission with little success. Her efforts to reach out to X-23 are sidelined when she learns that her niece, who is the same age as X-23 has been kidnapped. Sarah and her colleague Kevin take X-23 to San Francisco to track down Megan’s kidnapper. X-23 does so with ease, rescues Megan and kills the kidnapper. When they return to the program, Sarah must face the wrath of Zander and a possible dismissal by Dr. Sutter. Zander uses this stressful time as an opportunity to ask Sutter to hand directorship of the program over to him. Sutter agrees and signs a document making Zander the new director. As soon as the documents are signed, Zander orders X-23 to kill Dr. Sutter and his family.

    X-23 infiltrates the home of Doctor Martin Sutter just as his wife, Rachel reveals the truth about her affair with Zander Rice. X-23 murders them both but cannot bring herself to kill their four-year-old son, Henry. When she returns to the program, Zander Rice makes it clear that this mission must remain a secret. When Dr. Sarah Kinney, X-23’s surrogate mother, goes to check on her she finds X-23 cutting herself with her claws. X-23 refuses to explain why she’s doing this to herself, but she does give Sarah the photo of the Sutter family that Zander gave her as part of her mission. With Dr. Sutter dead, Zander assumes control of the program. He shows Sarah his secret project: a room full of gestating embryos that will provide him with an army of Wolverine clones. He then fires Sarah and tells her to be gone by morning. Sarah completes her journal entries and goes to X-23 with one final assignment: destroy Zander’s embryo chamber and kill him as well, thus, guaranteeing X-23’s freedom and future.

    Sarah Kinney’s plan to leave the Weapon X re-creation program with X-23 is set in motion. Sarah does her best to facilitate X-23’s safe escape by taking out the security feeds and outer guards. In the meantime X-23 sets explosives to destroy the additional clone embryos that Xander Rice created and leaves a trail of death and destruction behind her as she makes her way towards her final target: Xander Rice himself. Despite the years of psychological and physical abuse, X-23 does not kill Xander. Instead, she beats him within an inch of his life and proves that she has the restraint that he tried so hard to eliminate by constantly dehumanizing her. X-23 emerges from the facility as it explodes and goes to join the tearful and grateful Dr. Kinney. But as she approaches, she smells the trigger scent that Xander planted on Sarah and slips into an uncontrollable berserker rage. She kills Sarah with no mercy. X-23 comes to her senses as the dying Sarah tells her that her name is Laura and that she loves her. X-23 is devastated at the loss but has won her freedom.


    She makes her way to New York City, unaware that someone out there knows she is alive and is in possession of the trigger scent that allowed Rice to control her and turn her into a killer.

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    What year of comics are you at now seeds? pics are looking a lot more modern like from the 2000's
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    Lou_Cypher wrote: »
    What year of comics are you at now seeds? pics are looking a lot more modern like from the 2000's
    About 2006? House of M is about to begin.
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    Is this the longest running thread on the IC?
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