New Posters & Lurkers Please Look Here

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I just wanted to make this thread to answer some simple questions. I noticed a lot of cats keep asking how come they can't make threads.

Here's some quick tips and pointers:

- in order to create threads you need at least 300 posts. After you get to 300 posts you should see a red tab in the upper right hand section of your screen that says "Post a New Thread". You can however create threads if you post through your mobile device.

- you can use "@" to call out posters. It may not work for screen names that aren't one word (for ex. if you try posting @Jim Nastics it may not work but if it said @jimnastics the poster should get a notification). If you're lurking you might want to consider this for when you sign up and make a screen name.

- Please check out all the threads in the Site Help section so you understand the rules of the forum. You can message a moderator in the Ask A Moderator post if you're experiencing any difficulties.

- Every once in a while you should change your password

- if in the future you want to change your name go here only the admin can change your name

- get familiar with your profile, you have the options to edit your avi, set notification preferences, set signature settings and more. The interface is very user friendly but if you're having troubles or have any additional questions feel free to post your concerns here:

- if you're posting from your pohone check out the Mobile Help thread -- @icecoldstew is the best person for mobile help, you can check out his thread here:

Other mods or posters feel free to add on.


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