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    trying to see Kobe when he plays the Celtics on Feb 20th 2013 but on a real note the question is now if Kobe wins 2 more rings very possible now with 2 Finals MVP he has a real shot getting only one idk bout 2 but let says he does and he gets Kareem Scoring title does that put him over Jordan, IMO with a resume like that that has to put him in the discussion top 2 maybe even 1

    Kobe is my fave player, but no matter what he does...jordan is better.....

    thats would be enough for his resume if he 3 peats then that seals it lol
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    The state of Metta World Peace: fit and determined

    His newly prominent cheekbones, sharply chiseled in a slender face, are the most obvious indication that Metta World Peace has become much lighter of body. His diligence during the Lakers' first training-camp workouts testifies to his lightness of mind and his commitment to being a valued role player on a potential championship team.

    World Peace can be a wild card for the Lakers, and in a good way. Though most of the focus has been on how Dwight Howard will mesh with Kobe Bryant and on Steve Nash's adjustment to the Princeton offense, World Peace has worked quietly to again be effective at his usual tenacious, disruptive defense and to improve his shooting.

    "He's determined, he's hungry and he's in tremendous shape. He can run all day and at high speeds with tremendous quickness," Bryant said. "I haven't seen him in this great a shape since Indiana."

    World Peace came to camp last season at 274 pounds and didn't find his rhythm until late. Despite a month of hard partying in July — "I gotta have fun then because I don't drink during the season," he said — he reported this season at 255. He said Thursday he had touched 249, his best weight since he was an All-Star and NBA defensive player of the year with the Pacers in 2004.

    He credited Tim DiFrancesco, the Lakers' strength and conditioning coach, for guiding him toward taking better care of his body. As part of the three-step mind-body program World Peace devised to help himself and set an example for others, he led health walks in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles this summer. He has found a state of mind that can only be described as one of peace.

    "The thinking behind that was just healthy living," he said. "I got with this company, and this training exercise that I've been doing has been really amazing. It doesn't mean Metta World Peace. It means mind, wellness and performance. My friend was saying, 'You should pledge to get in shape, pledge to live healthy, to walk with your family members.'

    "You know, a lot of couples out there can do that together, just walking together and getting in shape together, and it kind of just changed my perspective on health and getting in shape and just enjoying my career and my craft."

    His enhanced fitness allows him to be more active and effective on the court.

    "Right now I get to the basket any time I want. I don't have to depend on somebody to give me a shot. I don't have to depend on somebody else to create things for me," he said. "That's a great feeling, to be back at that All-Star weight and I'm only 32. I've been around a while but I'm only 32, so I've still got a chance to do a lot of things."

    At his best, which he was late last season when he averaged 16.3 points over seven games while Bryant recovered from a shin injury, he is a force.

    "Ron is a physical player. He can play defense and keep guys in front of him and lock guys up," Pau Gasol said, reverting to World Peace's birth name of Ron Artest.

    "And then he knocks down consistently the three-point shots and outside shots and obviously that's a big plus that he can crash the boards. He overpowers forwards too. There's a lot of things that Metta can do."

    Some of those things aren't so great, like his career-low 7.7 points per game last season and his wild elbow to the face of the Oklahoma City Thunder's James Harden, which cost him a seven-game suspension that carried over into the playoffs. There were whispers the Lakers considered using their amnesty provision to waive him in July, which would have saved them a pile in luxury tax payments on the $15 million he's owed this season and next.

    World Peace said he wasn't worried.

    "I'm way too good of a basketball player to be amnestied," he said. "I don't mean that to be arrogant, but I'm on a team with arguably one of the greatest starting fives ever to step on the court, and I'm on that team. I'm blessed. I really thank God for that opportunity. But there's got to be something I'm doing right. I'm with the Laker organization that makes the most money in the NBA and has won the second-most championships. Mitch Kupchak is one of the best general managers. Why else would I be here?

    "There's no way I was being amnestied. A lot of people were talking. Totally false. A lot of media reported stuff. Totally inaccurate and impossible."

    Coach Mike Brown seems happy World Peace is still a Laker.

    "He's been great. He's in terrific shape. Not only is he in great shape but he's playing at a high level," Brown said. "He's shooting the ball very well and he's defending and doing all the little things that I thought he didn't start doing well until the end of the season. He's way ahead of where he was at the beginning of last season."

    And in many ways.

    "My discipline is going to write the rest of my legacy," World Peace said, "and I'm very happy about that."
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    kobe and metta on the wings with dwight in da middle...........................WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
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    2012-2013 Projected Starting Lineup & Bench

    PG: Steve Nash
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Metta World Peace
    PF: Pau Gasol
    C: Dwight Howard


    PG: Chris Duhon, Steve Blake
    SG: Jodie Meeks, Chris Douglas Roberts
    SF: Devin Ebanks
    F: Earl Clark
    PF: Antawn Jamison
    C: Jordan Hill


    PG: Darius Morris, Andrew Goudelouck
    G: Darius Johnson-Odom
    F: Reeves Nelson
    C: Robert Sacre, Ronnie Aguilar, Greg Somogyi

    Quick notes:

    - Most talented starting lineup in the NBA.
    - Chemistry between Nash and Kobe is questionable on paper.
    - Best offseason out of all 30 teams.
    - Lakers still have to cut 4 players before the beginning of the season.

    How far do you think the Lakers will go this season?
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    Kobe Bryant (foot) sits out sessions

    The Kamenetzky brothers discuss Kobe Bryant's comments that the Lakers are still his team.
    Tags: Brian Kamenetzky, Andy Kamenetzky, Lakers, Kobe, The Forum
    Shaq Calls Out Dwight
    EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Kobe Bryant sat out the Los Angeles Lakers' two practices Friday because of discomfort in his right foot.

    The discomfort is not considered serious, however, and Bryant is day-to-day.

    More on the Lakers

    For more news, notes and analysis of the Lakers, check out the Land O' Lakers blog from the Kamenetzky Brothers. Blog

    Lakers trainer Gary Vitti consulted with Bryant at the start of the morning practice and informed coach Mike Brown that it would be better for the 17-year veteran to sit out.

    "My take on it is this: Gary has a job to do, he's our head trainer and I just follow his lead," Brown said. "He knows a lot more than me when it comes to that stuff, so really, I'm OK not knowing what's going on. Just, 'Can a guy go or not?' If you can go, great. If he can't go, great."

    Lakers center Dwight Howard continued to make progress toward a complete recovery from offseason back surgery. A day after participating in his first full-court 5-on-5 scrimmage as a Laker (albeit a game of 5-on-5-on-5 that shuttled three five-man units in and out, allowing for extra rest), Howard practiced Friday without any limitations.

    "I couldn't even tell you what he hasn't done," Brown said. "Every time I look up he's in the drills, whether it's contact or non-contact."

    Howard still is ruled out of the Lakers' preseason opener Sunday against the Golden State Warriors, but Brown said he would not require Howard to play in a certain amount of preseason contests before he would plug him back in the lineup in the regular season.

    "I don't have a rule where a guy has to play X amount of games before he can play in the opener," Brown said. "He can play one (preseason) game and still play. He might not play at all and still play ... The biggest thing for me is as long as he's in practice beforehand."
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    lol, looks like CJ is back on the bandwagon. Welcome back brother........
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    toheeb27 wrote: »
    lol, looks like CJ is back on the bandwagon. Welcome back brother........

    Until the first quarter of game 1
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    Honestly, just Nash being their maximizes everybodies game.... I think kobe / dwight / pau will improve by 20% on offense each, just with nash there... Then Nash will keep Pau's head in the game....

    If they all stay healthy, they are guaranteed a title. The biggest lock in history.
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    Kobe the spot up shooter lol Nash getting him crazy open looks.
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    Kobe the spot up shooter lol Nash getting him crazy open looks.

    For real bro, Been awhile since i have seen him this wide open.

    Here's a link to the game
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    nash is the only player I know thats better (or gotten better) after the age of 32 than under....
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    lakers are scary...shit don't make sense
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    Kobe , Gasol and Nash got good chemistry
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    damn the Warriors locking the second/third string the fuck up. this is good though, they need to find out who is going to be running the show and if they can play thru adversity when the starters need a rest.
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    damn the Warriors locking the second/third string the fuck up. this is good though, they need to find out who is going to be running the show and if they can play thru adversity when the starters need a rest.

    New offense was working whenever Nash was in, we looked clueless when he is out.

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    damn the Warriors locking the second/third string the fuck up. this is good though, they need to find out who is going to be running the show and if they can play thru adversity when the starters need a rest.

    New offense was working whenever Nash was in, we looked clueless when he is out.

    Yeah Nash was running that bitch but in their defense it's kinda hard to let come in after Nash and expect the same results.
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    Kobe gonna have to handle PG duties when nash out....smh cuz blake and duhon is just spot up shooters basically
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    they could use another distributor as a backup for nash.
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    Fun to have Lakers Basketball back and see our first unit clicking early.
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