Has Meek Mill Ever Said a Nice Line?

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Damn niggas bars gettin examined outchea
If meek was rapping in his back yard on smack DVD, I'd say goddmn!,smack done fell off..

What was his hot line??
"And my bitch look like she say "hurry-up-n-buy""?? ..the question is, y are y'all niggas caping so hard for meek when y'all claim east coast rap is so garbage? First niggas say it's Cuz he ain't like other east coast rappers then say ace Hood and him is different cuz ace sound like a down south cat and meek got that Philly east coast feel to him..Well ,which one is it?

Or just admit it's becuz of his affiliation..
U could strap a RocafellaRuffRyderNoLimitDeathJamEastMMG chain on him and I'd still think that nigga is Ace "Meek Milly" Hood

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