Chief Keef posts a picture of himself gettin top on Instagram.. @Bawse D.Lox says "Hes Packing" O_o



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    ohhhla wrote: »
    ohhhla wrote: »
    VIBE wrote: »
    i said the sun is not a star u pieces of shit.

    Then what is it?

    it's the fucking sun nigga. remember when Pluto was a planet???
    all of a sudden it isn't, why????
    because, muthafuckaz who never been there, stood 10 travel years away, and deemed it not a planet. you niggas are gullible.

    majority of these scientists, and anthropologist ETC. don't even know what they're talking about.
    all these so called "facts", are based off fucking assumptions, masked behind complex words.
    they put it out there & dumb asses like you eat it up, and feel intelligent.

    niggaz talking about end my account, you internet niggaz ain't real. ya insignificant.
    i'ma keep posting how i post, and ya'll can suck this dick #SaluteBitches

    Bruh, the Sun is a star composed of Hydrogen and helium.

    It's like saying the Earth isn't a spheroid.

    u were defending dude 3 pages ago...what happened??

    That's why I said to you. "I don't cape for anyone." yet u are

    You guys don't understand how logic works? niether does he if he thinks the sun is no longer a star b/c pluto is no longer a planet

    If you're wrong, you're wrong. were right though

    I just disagree with y'all calling him gay. now...ur wrong

    Words and action differentiate. no shit...but homo niggas do homo actions and use homo words...words can dictate action...and he has some gay words

    If he's gay, then anyone who threatens you in the future are "real niggas" and "tough guys". now u dont understand how logic works

    I can understand y'all calling him weird for that but gay, nah. but hes gay though

    where u from bro? u wanna call niggaz gay behind computers u a tough guy right??
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    man i kno im late but i been on dis site 2 years nd neva seen a worse statement on here in my life wat makes it worse is dis nigga defended it just take dat L log off nd make an alias, jack lls
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    yeah bawse d.L.

    now ur avi is looking suspect too LOL

    just take the L and log off for a while smh lol
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    his saluting partner ^^
    BaybeyDirty Sanchezbootcheese3000
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    I am baffled as fuck.
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    why are you so worried about what he said? sitting up all fucking night trying to analyze shit. You log off, wash your crusty ass, clean up, and go to fucking bed. wake up, go out hunting for a job. ok?

    god damn. shut the fuck up. you're a bigger buzzkill than covet.

    this is funny. why don't you stop fucking following me? every thread i make a comment in, you're right there quoting, mentioning, or flagging. sit your ugly, fat, triflin, broke, obsessive ass down.

    I'm not following you bruh. You're posting in my forum dawg. Get the fuck out here man. We don't want you dude.
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    VIBE wrote: »
    Bawse need to relocate to the planet sun, perfect place for flaming homos.
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    I Just realized that AO is the anti...whatever everyone else does she does the opposite and then chastises them for saying something about it....ehh *kanye shrug*
    reminds me of a hermit....
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    Cain1 wrote: »
    why are you so worried about what he said? sitting up all fucking night trying to analyze shit. You log off, wash your crusty ass, clean up, and go to fucking bed. wake up, go out hunting for a job. ok?

    I guess you need to choose one as well........smdh


    i'm not fucking caping. i just don't get why some of you are hard pressed about this guy. it's all good if i was joining in like the other big headed bitch by calling him fags huh?

    I will not make this a roast AO n/h thread but this ain't over nigga.
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