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Strange shit you thought as a kid growing up with hiphop

GhostdenithegawdGhostdenithegawd Up from da 36 chambersHarlemPosts: 16,161 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited September 2012 in The Reason
1.I thought tupac was the devil for some odd reason because the 7day theory cover and that guy who sorta looks like him in tales from the hood i thought he was the devil or a devil worshiper

2.my bro had the gza liquid swords poster on the wall i thought it was the hottest poster in ever of all ever i still do, but i also thought it was a realistic depiction of everyday gang violence. can you imagine walking oustide evryday hoping you don't see some shit like this go down


3.I thought dmx Really was possessed by a demon named damien come to find out years later he was really possessed by crack

4.I thought nas was a midget

5.I thought busta rhymes was a rapping comedian and the little blue demon form gimme some more was going to get me in my sleep

after the snoop dog video where he tuned into a dog i thought i was going to see that shit happen on the streets.

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