Anyone Else on here use Sony Acid to record or mix?

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just wondering


  • lol I remember recording and mixing in Sony Vegas back on my PC. Basically a Audio/Visual Production from SONY. Real similar to Acid Pro. Just try getting your hands on some quality VST plugins. like compressors, EQ, etc.
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    Acid Pro is not a bad DAW....mixing and recording is pretty easy. Acid Music Studio 8 is ok for starters get some nice loops from various companies and build some unique tracks and add to your library.A good controller,mic,monitor speakers and you have a cool set up.
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    i do most of my song mixing on acid 6.0, not the most updated but its the one im used to, and i use wave hammer from soundforge to help the quality, but i was wondering if anyone else was familiar with the 5.1 surround sound thing, im just now startin to play wit it after all these years and im not sure exactly if its best to render with it on downmix output or not
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    I haven't heard of anyone using Acid in a looooong time. Back when it came out, it was used primarily by cats that just used pre-made loops. I'm really surprised it's lasted this long.
  • Sony Acid was the first program I tried for producing. Now I'm on Reaper.
  • I'm surprised it's not used more because it's looped based and it has the "chopper" sampler in it.
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    I'm surprised it's not used more because it's looped based and it has the "chopper" sampler in it.

    FL Studio pretty much has sample chopping and whatnot on lock. FL Slicer and Slicex >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> your favorite tool.

    Plus there's Edison... The basic sample playback device does time-stretching/compression and can keep th epitch intact.
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