The Homo Movement in America is Out of Control

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This foulness happened over the summer and the shit wasn't cool. As faggots and dykes become more acclaimated to mainstream society, expect more of this bullshit happen.

Last night I was kicking it in Union Square Park. I bust out my laptop to utilize the free wire. I cue up Tariq Nasheed to get my "survival scroll," fix in. I'm not even two minutes into the program when out of know some homo with some blue sweatsuits comes up trying to talk to me. The thing was, dude's unit and one of nuts was exposed.

Considering I think it's pretty well known that I'm one of the openly homophobic posters on a uber homo friendly board. Y'all probably could've guessed what my reaction was..... You guess it, Rex lost his fucking mind. First I told this bitchmade dick sucking muthafucka to get the up fuck out of the park because Rex was about to whoop his ass. Rex is a combination of livid, offended, and wondering why this mutfucka approched him with the foulness. Yesterday, I had own my suit because my advanced legal research and writing class had moot court competition. So this stupid muthafucka must have that I was a faggot myself or at a minimum why reaction wasn't going to be what it was. Anway....I'm following this gay muthfucka and there's police van. The Fag is on the driver's side of the van and I'm on the passenger side. I knock on the window and proceed to tell the cop (who happens to be this verbatim,)

Rex: "I'm in the park and faggot ass muthafucka comes up to with his dick out. I'm not a fag and I don't play that shit. Y'all got to do somthing with this muthafucka, because I'm about to whoop his ass."

The punk ass cop motions for Rex to clam down. Then the kicker comes, the cop that was on the driver's side told me that was NOTHING they could do BECAUSE they didn't see it. I say to faggot ass cop, "Oh, but I if were to whoop this muthafucka's ass all over this park, then it would be problem right?"

So I follow this mutafucka across the street, if anybody knows anything about Union Square Park, you know there's a PD in the train station and I decided to follow this muthafucka for a few blocks then steal on his bitch ass.

Then the fag runs back across the street, talking about "I just wanna go home," and he goes back to the police. I'm beyond pissed now, so for some reason I call my boy D. He tells me not to whop the fag's ass because I might go to jail, I get cut off from D because the battery on my phone is dead.

I spend the next ten minutes looking for this muthafucka so I can give him the epic ass whoopin he so righteously deserve, to no avail I didn't find the muthafucka. It wasn't until I got home come and calmed down a bit that realized what the pro fag ass cops did.

Not only was Rex exposed to the foulness which is homosexuality, I was a victim of gender bias. If that had happened to a chick, dude would've gotten arrested. I was so pissed and hell bent on beating potna into oblivion, that I didn't trip off of the cops until after the fact.

All of this is in direct correlation to the homo movement that is now so strong in America. I can understand why they wanted to get married and I supported that right. I understand seeing homos (as repulsived as it my be,) all hugged up was at the end of the day was my problem and not everybody feels that way.

Now we've gotten to the point were these degenerate muthafuckas can dry hump in the street, tongue each down, like I would a chick in public, and have their dicks out in public and nothing happens to them. There's no rebuke from the public and no protection for the average Joe from law enforcement, but if I would've taken appropriate action, I would've been wrong, and charged with a fucking hate crime. The shit is ridiculous and the homo movement is out of hand.

America needs to start pushing these muthafuckas back into the closet before they access to your fucking kids. Homosexuality isn't normal fucking shit as evident by the muthafucka who approach ole Rex with the gayness. The homos vision for America isn't about accpetance, it's about dominance. It's about them wanting to approach hetrosexual men without the fear of having their jaw broken. It's about them wanting to catch head jobs in the park with their dicks already out, and it's about them wanting access to your sons.

Even though African and Arab countries go hard with the homos, I rather America be on that extreme than on the opposite end of the spectrum we're on now. The shit is out of control and needs to be stopped.
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