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Report: Birdman Forgot Bow Wow was Signed to YMCMB...

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After TMZ reported the financial struggles of rapper Bow Wow, in which they claim the rapper has just $1,500 in his account and only earns $4,000 a month through his record deal with YMCMB, speculation spread quickly into why a veteran rapper with a decent fan base could earn such a measly amount. But now we might possibly know the reasoning, the CEO of the label doesn’t know who he is.

According to reports, when Birdman was reached by reporters in New York seeking clarification regarding Bow Wow’s reported income , the CEO was seemingly unaware that Bow Wow was actually signed to the label. Birdman had a perplexed look on his face and responded by saying “What that gotta do with me?” it wasn’t until an assistant reminded him that Bow Wow was indeed signed to the label that Birdman acknowledged Bow Wow’s existence.

YMCMB has a roster of over 13 artists, but only 4 of them have released albums in the past 3 years.





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