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The Top 5 Hip Hop Groups of All Time

kuskklassickuskklassic Posts: 1,006 ✭✭✭✭
edited October 2012 in The Reason
Over the years their have been plenty of elite groups in Hip Hop but i feel like these five groups all respectively changed the game in some way. who are your top 5 Hip Hop groups ?

no order....

Public Enemy - The took what Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five accomplished with "The Message" and bush the boundries even more. Without them there is no KRS-One , Tupac , Immortal Technique or even a Lupe Fiasco.

NWA - The first uncut, raw, and gangsta Hip Hop group. Anthems like "Fuck The Police" & "Straight Outta of Compton" were Gangsta Rap finest tracks but they still had a somewhat message to them. If PE was the voice of the angry black man then NWA was the voice of the rebellious black man. Without them there is no Death Row Records ,

A Tribe Called Quest - Probably the only group to release nothing but classic albums. they made they "every-day-guy" kind of cool. They were the leaders of the Native Tongue era and were a perfect blueprint for artist like Common, Mos Def, & Kanye West

Wu-Tang - took the word movement to a whole other level in Hip Hop. they debut album is a Top 10 album in most Hip Hop circles. at least 5 members of the Wu-Tang have released classic albums of thier own. They were the first to combine music with clothes, slang, movies, video games, etc. Even in 2012 you can still see the Wu influences on new artist like Odd Future, ASAP, Action Bronson, Black Hippy, etc.

Outkast - in my eyes hands down the best thing the south ever produced commercially and lyrically. Big Boi is one of thee most under-appreciated emcees and Andre 3000 legend grows ever year. they made it cool to be different in Hip Hop while still being relatable. Kid Cudi, B.O.B, and alot of these other alternative and experiemental Hip Hop groups should pay homage to 'Kast.



Mobb Deep

The Fugees


Bone Thugs n Harmony / LOX / The Clipse


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