The Social Lounge Debate Challenge - Sign Up

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I'm sure yall remember the Reason Debates, same principle here. I was inspired by the Obama/Romney debate so I decided to set off a similar theme in the Social Lounge. I'm looking for some posters to sign up for this. The debates will be centered around politics, economics, American history, civil rights, current events and other issues from drug legalization to race & crime (Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman). I want to see who's down to join up.

Since it's Social Lounge I want to weed out the BS that may ensue LOL so as a result I'm also looking for some judges. We'll still have polls in the threads but there will be judges to accurately help me weigh on some of the debates. For judges I'm looking for folks that are gonna be unbiased and fair. I will be one of the judges so I won't be debating, I just need 2 more posters who want to be judges tho.

I'm looking for about 6 to 8 posters tops for this tournament, but of course the more the better.

Please feel free to drop topic ideas and more, any input would be very helpful.



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