Bullying, discussing the crackdown, and what this means for Donkey

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Inspired by the rising in suicides of young kids due to cyber bullying. Most particularly is the case of Amanda Todd, a young Canadian girl who committed suicide after years of cyber attacks, defamation of her character, slander, and even physical attacks. Link below.


What I want to discuss is the crackdown though. What can really be done in such instances where children are being so overwhelmed by negativity in their life that they see suicide as a means?

Some people seem to think that making the internet off limits to youths, or certain sites having age limits is a solution. What I see in this rising problem is an inability to cope and consistent poor judgment however. This is particularly evident in the case of Amanda Todd. I understand that a lot of you are parents, so as parents what would you suggest? How do you deal with these problems in a permanent fashion? These are important questions to answer, as right now your child could be a victim and you may not even be aware. Arm yourselves with knowledge now because when the threat is on your doorstep it is too late.

As a relative newcomer to the forum I have never gotten to experience the Donkey in its full swing. The posters I have seen run off the forum, most recently Covet, were done so in a manner that I would chalk up being due to their own foolishnes, stupid mistakes, and the malicious characters that lurk the internet. While blame can not be placed on someone who has done nothing wrong, they hold all the responsibility for making themselves vulnerable to threats and putting themselves out there. From what I understand though, this incident was mild.

In Donkey's Heyday IC posters would do far more ruthless things and it was considered normal. Now it has slowed down as many of the instigators have long gone, and those who remain have grown older and have kids. But what does this mean for the future of Donkey? Can you support and entertain behavior that has historically been shown to lead to suicide and torment? I don't think I can, and personally I see a correlation between donkey becoming more mild and settling down, and the increase in anti-bullying campaigns. The death of donkey is seemingly eminent and I for one will not mourn.


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