SMDH!!! First Black Homecoming Queen 50 Years After Segregation... wait for it... waaaaaait....



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    Dr.Chemix wrote: »
    But conversely even if it could be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that white people were trolling. So what? Definitely wasn't the first time and it definitely won't be the last.

    Y'all cats waiting on white people to stop being white people going to be waiting for a long ass time.

    For a revolutionist you talk like a defeatist. Nobody is waiting. People are acknowledging. This is informational because apparently a whole bunch of people are saying we should be happy they gave us scraps.

    It's not about being a defeatist. It's about coming to terms with white people's nature and not complaining like a battered housewife all the time. How much racist shit do white people have to do before people realize that's just how most of them are cut?

    We catch feelings more than any other ethnic group on the planet. Which is understandable due to our history but at some point cats have to be like: "you know what; I'm over it". You think Chinese people are sitting around catching feelings like this over a college competition ran by a historically racist institution? Naw. They too busy building in their own communities.

    You know, the chinese people never said "you know what, I'm over it". If you been keeping up with what's going on in the world, they are actually standing up to those that has oppressed them

    Instead of taking your suggestion of "let people be people" type horseshit
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    i can show yall a town in the sip and south bama that STILL got white only signs up.

    I know what you mean by those sundown towns.......I've lived in Mississippi long enough to even know of them (and the real dangerous ones that don't even have a white only sign).

    As for HC ....good for her....blacks don't win alot far and between in Mississippi, so we'll take the win.
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    lmfao thats fucked.
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    ^even he knows...
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    CopperKing wrote: »
    they were forced or pressured to pick a black girl this year...and they were like "ok but we gon pick the biggest bish we can find" either that or thats the best lookin female blacks have to offer in MS....

    Stop it..we got some bad bitches here
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    I love reverse racism

    Them white dudes in the back of the pic looking like "What kind of nigger shit is this?"
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    do i even want to know why this thread is this long?

    anyway i wonder if the dress has a corset
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    I will say there is some schools that have a white prom and black prom
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    Still bridging the gap
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    Matt- wrote: »
    guess that's better than this


    High School freshman Zharia Link could hardly believe it when she landed a nomination to the homecoming court.

    It seemed even stranger when she won.

    Zharia, 15, had expected a more popular girl would be picked to represent the class at a big pep rally and parade through downtown.

    “Why me?” she asked – and later found out: The whole thing had been a prank. Her nomination and election to the court was a joke.

    Read more here:

    so are we ready to close out now?? LOL

    i mean ... we had two black girls and a bitch as crazy as maggie mcguire say that shit like this doesnt happen

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    Lou Cypher wrote: »
    lmfao thats fucked.

    Maybe so but it's the truth tho.

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    When's the lynching and can I provide the rope?

    Cant be any old rope though. Gotta be them joints that keep Amphibious Warfare ships tied to the shore so they dont float away. That industrial strength "U Aint Goin No Where Nigra!" type rope.

    This atrocity must.not.stand! Where is Obama on this?! Where is Congress?! Where's Tom Cruise?!

    U mean to tell me they shot Martin Luther King in the South. But this bitch gets to fuck up that poor white man's wheel alignment and waddle away unharmed in her double-wide flats? Cuz if that bitch had the audacity to wear heels I'm buying a ticket to Mississippi and killing that bitch with a fucking bow & arrow my damn self.

    No justice in this fucking world anymore I swear. Got the nerve to be in a big ass white sheet passing it off as a dress. I see what you did there u fuckin helium storage unit of a bitch.

    Im leaving cuz im genuinely over here catching major feelings on a Sunday. I hope I recover in time for football.
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    the only ppl who didnt see this was three dumbass black chicks LOL

    ladies yall have to put more value in intellect and less value in attitude and emotion
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    I see ya'lls point, I could understand it was Moreno or someone of her level that won, but if this was at a HBCU than I would see it as something of merits, but not at a racists college.
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    affirmative action in effect
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    I bet her head game the best
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    Ajackson17 wrote: »
    I see ya'lls point, I could understand it was Moreno or someone of her level that won, but if this was at a HBCU than I would see it as something of merits, but not at a racists college.

    whoa.... the fuck?!?!
    nigga... did you just....make sense?
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    self hating negroes gonna self hate...

    whats new
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    Classical threadage
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