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Friends VS How I met your mother - Which is the superior show?

LUClENLUClEN Absence makes the heart grow fonder of someone elsePosts: 20,480 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Which is the better show?

They are very similar considering they are based on a group of friends, two of them get married, two of them have an off&on relationship, and there's a womanizing character.

I honestly gotta go with HIMYM because of how much Friends relied on the "stupid friends" in order to be funny. Only so long you can laugh at Pheobe & Joey's repetitive antics.

People wanna say that Friends won awards but mass appeal is not a sign of how good something is. Word to Soulja Boy.

Friends VS How I met your mother - Which is the superior show? 12 votes

How I met your mother
CracceRRichPorterOfTheICJusDre313illestni99ainneSuperSoakerRawAceLUClEN 7 votes
dontdiedontkillanyonfocusCeLLaR-DooRatribecalledgabisaracenwire 5 votes
The rapper from linkin park would body the dudes in the xxxtentacion cypher


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