Look at what ya'll IC niggas did... THEY GOIN HARD AT MEGHAN VAUGHN NOW!!

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I remember ya'll discussing this broad a couple of vids back... Niggas caught on!

Ya'll even got Meghan Vaughn replyin on Twitter!!

‏ -I LOVE EVERYONE! BLACK, WHITE, MEXICAN, MUSLIM, ASIAN, CHRISTIAN, ATHEIST! If your an idiot you'd listen to that guy!

@Tjsotomayor Someone should of sent you links to my black on black movies maybe you would have thought twice. Thanks! XX RAINBOW DICK LOVER

@Tjsotomayor You make no sense and I was calling my SELF a RAINBOW DICK LOVER! But I see that has clearly gone over you head HAH

@Tjsotomayor obvi you do care who I screw or you wouldn't have made a whole vid about me. Silly goose.

This guy is so angry it makes me laugh!
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