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I just went 90 days with no masturbation

ShencotheMCShencotheMC KINGPosts: 26,028 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited October 2012 in For The Grown & Sexy
Kinda long, but kind of funny

Hardest part(no pun intended): This would have to have been the first week. Going from being a consistent porn watcher and masturbator to just quitting cold turkey made it difficult as fuck to try and not just say "fuck this challenge." After the first week it gets easier. Just take it a day at a time and find something to keep you busy. Me? I had the creation of music to help me not think about wanting to spank the monkey.

Self-observations: One of the main things that I noticed happen to me is that I wanted to damn-near fuck any and everything in my sight. Bitches I thought was wack suddenly became decent to extremely smashable. Anoher thing I noticed is that I seemed to have a little bit more time on my hands and got a bit more shit done without the 15-20 minutes it usually took me to find a good scene and then get my rhythm going.

I also started becoming horny as hell by shit I used to not be into. Hentai for example. At some point being extra horny I decided to torture myself and watch porn. Speaking of that, I actually just started to watch porn...for the dialogue.But anyways as I watched porn more and more shit just got corny and I started wanting to watch more wild shit. Then I got into hentai. Yes, I felt like stroking my dick to cartoons. And I know this may sound lame to some, but fuck it, Milk Junkies is ill son *kanyeshrug*

Funniest moment: Well I'd say about day 62 or 63 me and a female coworker got together and it got a little bow chicka wow wow. So anyways I'm actually kinda nervous because I haven't gotten any pussy or jerked off in like 2 months so... I'm about to be a preemi, but fuck it if she say anything I can always say I smashed. Right @icecoldstew ? @KU Beezy ? A win is a win. Anyways I'm hitting it right and she's like "Tell me when you're gonna bust." and I'm like cool. I'd say I lasted about all of 45 seconds before I took the condom off and was like "Oh shit!" She's like "Really? Okay come on. Nut on my titties." and I'm like bolin__s_dougie_by_yinyang_soo-d4ykym1.gif And I swear to you, this might have been the greatest nut bustage of all time.

Now she's stroking my dick all the way down at her pussy. The first shot flies across damn near her whole body and just splacks her hair(she has long hair) and catches some of her forehead. The second shot hits her face, neck and tits, the last shot hits her stomach and then just dribbles out. I straight up Peter North'd this chick. She looked at me like WTH and I tried to get up and I swear my knees was about to buckle. After that I had to eat it out and then go into extra curriculars until I got back up because...I lasted not even a minute. Gotta redeem myself right? Next day at work we look at each other and she goes "What's up long shot?" Had the other interns in there like " Huh? Why she call you that?" Nothing nigga, nothing. It's an inside joke. Funny stuff at the job.

Conclusion: Not jerking off will not change your life. If it does, you were just corny as hell in the first place and need something to blame your problems on. I was basically the same person I've always been, just a little hornier and sexually frustrated. Not jerking off won't change your life. After week 1 you won't just wake up and do a 500 Days of Summer type of dance montage with Hall and Oates in the background because you ain't stroke it the day before. You won't wake up on Day 32 and suddenly decide to write a book or something because you didn't jerk off the night before.

Just keep it in moderation and don't let masturbation take over actually going out there and getting REAL pussy. That's all I got to say. Now if you'll excuse me I got Xvideos to hit up and lotion to pour out.
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