Andre 3K or Krayzie Bone?

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I was shooting the shit with my brother yesterday and we got into a argument about who was better.I automatically like most said 3000 but then he said how is that possible and 3000 hasn't put out a solo album yet.

Plus he said Kray the architect of that singing shit and that nobody does singing hooks better which I can pretty much agree with.He went on too mention that kray got alot more material i.e. albums and mixtapes which I couldn't argue as well.

Both of them are in my top 10 he conceded that 3000 is a better lyricst,but then said ain't too many niggas let alone 3000 fucking with Kray flow and delivery.

I started to think about it and Krayzie has put in a lot of work over his career to the contrary of 3stacks who's always teasing niggas with verses here and there! Both has classic albums sold a lot of records respected in the game and basically the leaders of their respective groups.

I know 3k will probably win but just wanted to know The Reason's opinion on the matter.

Andre 3K or Krayzie Bone?

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