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Me and my boys broke out the nintendo 64 today and played hella games of the greatest first person shooter(F.P.S) of all time!! GOLDENEYE! Everybody who played the game knows how much bond history they have packed into that game. We usually picked our favorite characters from which movies we liked the best. We all are fans of the bond series and we have seen all of the movies. With the upcoming new bond film about to drop we started talking about which bond films were the best. lets discuss our favorite bond films and why they were so special to us. Try to not make your responses too long because I want to read them all.

I liked all the bond films but 3 of them stood out to me the most. Here's my top 3 in order.

3. The man with the golden gun

Great storyline and this was the first time bond went rouge.
The villain had one of the greatest names ever "francisco scaramanga".
The villains sidekick was g.o.a.t. His name was "nick nack" and he was a french asian midget. the way he said scaramanga's name was hilarious!
start at 0:20
Last but not least, the nice locations and...........the golden gun

2. Live and let die

Had one of the most unique villains in the whole bond series. He also looked the coolest of all the villains. He was just a side kick to the main villain but he stole the show. When I first seen this movie I was hella little and he tripped me out. THE MAN WHO CANNOT DIE, MY NIGGA, BARON SAMEDI!!!(Haitians know about him). I did research on the folklore of baron samedi and I've been hooked ever since. My avatar on X box looks just like him, I use that as my user name for pretty much everything. It was the first name I used on the i.c 02 - 05.

Had the best opening them music and opening credits. This is where the dark music from the saw movies came from.
Showcased some of black folks culture in Haiti and in Louisiana.

Had the greatest ending in all the bond movies. Just when you thought the baron was finally dead. Bond gets on the train with his bad ass jump off thinking it was all over. As he's riding off into the sunset still thinking to himself that voodoo is bull shit...........
To all the elite goldeneye64 players out there who managed to unlock the last level. Y'all can't tell me that baron samedi's laugh that came out of nowhere first time playing the level didn't make you jump.

1. Moonraker

Best looking bond film.

Took bond to the H.N.L(Hole, Nutha, Level)

had the G.O.A.T villain of the bond series. The indestructible giant "jaws." He appeared in two other bond movies but he was the best in this one. He was also the 1st white cat with a grill back in those days
The action was crazy, bond was murking more people than jason. He was heartless in this film.

The final scene all hell breaks loose! Bodies was dropping left and right, people doing kung fu, everything exploding, shoot out in space, and a spaceship explodes.

off topic:
Most people don't know this but on the game he automatically aims for the head most of the time. Everybody didn't pick him because they thought he was a big target SMH.

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