IC, I been lyin' about my life, and before it catches up, I'll confess

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Most of the shit I tell y'all is lies. Here's what's true. My name is Fabion, Fabion Brown. I am fat, and I tend to date larger, less attractive white women. I don't live in DC, I'm actually from Oklahoma. Lastly, I'm married, at least I was. 10 months ago, my life was upended when the love of my life was murdered.

As if that wasn't enough, I've been going through it all while being accused of being a part of her murder. I would never do such a thing. Long story short, I've been on bail the last few months, but my trial is about to start.

I wanna thank y'all for providing me with brief outlets of release, so I could get away from the world that's destroying me inside.

Thank you.
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