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    Matt- wrote: »
    win or lose, i can't believe that supporters invest so much emotional energy into these candidates.

    Well to be fair, Romney's campaign did make it seem like America was going to sink into the ocean if Obama got elected again. That's an exaggeration, but not much. I mean they had commercials literally saying that the country would not survive if Obama was re-elected. Yeah they are dumb for believing all that shit, but I guess it's cryworthy if you believed the world was about to end.
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    The thing is it might be Hilary 2016 and Cory Booker in 2020 lol
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    If Hillary runs it might be a landslide victory unless the Rep put up Palin which will still lose
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    i doubt clinton will run. i'm pretty sure biden will actually go for it depending on the next 4 years.
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    Huffington post comment section is like bizarro world.
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    As funny as the reactions from the "America as we know it has ended" crowd is, I can't help but think that several outlets (Fox News and their affiliates, along with several other "conservative" outlets) will continue to play up on Romney's supporters fears and irrational thoughts, to fester a climate where someone or a group of like minded individuals get bold enough to attempt something like this:

    The narrative starts with a foreword set in 2099, one hundred years after the events depicted in the book. The bulk of the book then quotes a recently discovered diary of a man named Earl Turner, an active member of the white Aryan revolutionary movement that caused these events. The book details a violent overthrow of the United States federal government by Turner and his militant comrades and a brutal contemporaneous race war that takes place first in North America, and then the rest of the world.

    The story starts soon after the federal government has confiscated all civilian firearms in the country under the fictional Cohen Act, and the Organization to which Turner and his cohorts belong goes underground and engages in guerrilla war against the System, which is depicted as the totality of the government, media, and economy that is under left-wing Jewish control.[2] The Organization starts with acts such as the bombing of FBI headquarters and continues to prosecute an ongoing, low level campaign of terrorism, assassination and economic sabotage throughout the United States. Turner's exploits lead to his initiation into the Order, a quasi-religious inner cadre that directs the Organization and whose existence remains secret to both the System and ordinary Organization members.[2]

    Eventually, the Organization seizes physical control of Southern California, including the nuclear weapons at Vandenberg Air Force Base; ethnically cleanses the area of all blacks and summarily executes all Jews and other "race traitors".[2] The Organization's response to a white woman who had a black man as a lover is summary execution.[7] The Organization has little use for most white "mainstream" Americans. Those on the Left are seen as dupes or willing agents of the Jews, while conservatives and libertarians are regarded as misguided fools, for, after all, the Jews "took over according to the Constitution, fair and square." Turner and his comrades save their special contempt for the ordinary people, who care about nothing beyond being kept comfortable and entertained.

    The Organization then uses both the Southern California base of operations and their nuclear weapons to open a wider war in which they launch nuclear strikes against New York City and Israel, initiate a nuclear exchange between the US and the Soviet Union, and plant nuclear weapons and new terrorist cells throughout North America. Many major U.S. cities are destroyed, including Baltimore and Detroit. The diary section ends with the protagonist flying an airplane equipped with an atomic bomb on a suicide mission to destroy The Pentagon, in order to eliminate the leadership of the remaining military government before it orders an assault to retake California. The novel ends with an epilogue summarizing how the Organization continued on to conquer the rest of the world and how people of other races were eliminated (China and the entire eastern half of Asia were destroyed by prolonged bombardment with various weapons of mass destruction and made into an enormous desert; Blacks were exterminated in Africa as well as America; Puerto Ricans, described as "a repulsive mongrel race", were exterminated and the island re-settled by whites).[2]

    Look at the code words the outlets keep using throughout their broadcasts:

    America has lost it's way
    The America as we know it is no more
    My way of life is affected
    We can get through this
    How are we to survive under this man?
    Take back our country
    Something needs to be done about him
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    Exactly why you'll never catch my black ass in that country bumpkin hell hole they call the "souf" ........ and smh/lol at Idaho,South Dakota,Wyoming, & Montana not even registering on the map ....... got damn hicks dont even know what a computer is....
    Wild SelfSwiffness!
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    Onyx_Guard wrote: »
    The one person in central america that has a computer had some unkind words for obama.

    when i lived i costa rica there were mad redneck retirees down there that refused to learn spanish and would flagrantly trick all their retirement money away on hookers. i chalk that tweet up to one of them.
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    lmmaaaooo @ u mad?

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    lmmaaaooo @ u mad?


    Mispelled incumbent
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    AZTG wrote: »
    Yo white people really scared that Muslims are gonna take over?


    Well they right, tell all the white people know, I just got off the phone with my dude Muhammed Muhammed Muhammed and He said we taking over this bitch

    i even laughed at that haha

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    so obama is gonna be mandela?

    You know all black people look alike to white people :(
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