WANTED! Your Hardest on a Hoe Moment

Maximus RexMaximus Rex Demmented, deranged, and diabolicalThe EmpreyanPosts: 3,536 ✭✭✭✭✭
I took this idiot bitch to a Mexican stand in the Village, (I think was on Sullivan St.,) Dumbass didn't like anything on the menu and proceeded to ask me if they had spaghetti, I was like no, this is a Mexican stand, they serve Mexican food here, burritos, tacos, enchiladas, tamales, stuff like that. I forgot what the bitch ordered, but I do remembered that she picked over her food. Then we walked down W. 4th to the old Disc-O-Rama location. After making a purchase, I suggested that we go see a movie, this dumb bitch must have thought that I was on some "power trickin," to ask me to give her the money instead. That's right instead of graciously accepting the offer to go to the movies or declining, this bitch blatantly disrespected your boy by just asking for money. I just looked at this shit, shooked my muthafucking head and walked off. Meanwhile, this running behind me yelling my name, but I don't respond. When I get home boys are asking me what happened because she blew up my phon trying to find me.

My other moment was when my "Honey," finally pissed me off. In high school, this girl was a strong 7 1/2 arguments could be made that she might be an 8. Since high Honey, went from hot, sexy, Puerto Rican and Black chick to portly chick who packed about 80 lbs. During the course of heated argument, I told her she was a dumb fuck who's college career was a waste of fucking time because her cumulative GPA was in the 2's. I was like "how do you go college and only manage a C aveage?" I said I know she's hella insecure about her looks because she used to be hot and she used to get dudes based on her looks and it has to hurt when look in the mirror, and you see a gluttonous undisciplined sow staring back at you. I concluded with, "you know what, you need to do Honey?" You need to go on diet, drop 80 lbs, get a rack lift, then find some tricking ass nigga that's willing to do all of this dumb shit you want me to do." Needless to say, Honey got really heated after that.


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