Bill Simmons on NBA Countdown

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For those not familiar with his history, he's been a writer on ESPN for years, and his writing style is full of 90's and 80's pop references, and he basically uses movie and TV quotes to make his points on sports. chalk full of sarcasm, and constantly comes up with his own personal rules and theories...

I say all that to say this: I cant stand this fuker Lol I used to like him actually, but his sarcasm and reference-heavy style are played out...most importantly, he doesnt have a temperment for TV. (see Rick Reilly)

All he does is defer to Magic, Jalen, and even Wilbon (who is only a writer like him).

What purpose does he serve? Broussard, as annoying as his voice was, was atleast pegged as the 'insider' and that was his role

Speak on it...


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