A Question for the Niggas Who Bought Ass From Booty Movies Girls

Maximus RexMaximus Rex Pulchritudo in Conspectu RegisThe EmpreyanPosts: 6,355 ✭✭✭✭✭
From reading other threads, I know there are some cats on here that trick off with booty movie girls. My question is did they fuck you like they did their co-workers? For example if you bought ass from Jada, did she fuck like a "wild breast savage," talk hella shit, and make all of that goddamn noise. If patronized Carmen Hayes'servicrs, did she do her patebted move where she puts her feet behind her and did she make that annoying ass, hella distracting, nasaly slurpping noise when she sucked your dick. If you fucked with Pinky, did she twerk that big ole ass and say, "fuck that pussy down," when you were hittin it?

What were their attitudes? Were they dingy, cool, or very "professional," and "business like?"


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