ChiC is a Wack Ass Poster, Period.

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He posts pictures of bitches asses!!! Congrats bro, I can google that.
He posts left over pics of IC chicks that been posted before (by Dizz and Choice, etc.)!!! Congrats, they are in My Documents.
He simps just about every whore to grace this forum, and has never met any of them in real life, let alone fucced them.
What doesn't he do? Fuck the IC chicks that he simps.
What else doesn't he do? Post nude IC chicks, which are in My Documents (Thank You Choice, and others).
What else doesn't he do? Beef with any poster who calls him out (we'll see if he will this time) other than Blank, which he only does because 97% of the forum hates in Blank).

And people call this guy a great poster????

Come on son.
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