Spaceghostpurrp tries to G Check ASAP Rocky in Miami, Fight Ensues, Gets Arrested

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Tensions have finally mounted between SpaceGhostPurrp and A$AP Mob. Last night, SpaceGhostPurrp was arrested outside of A$AP Rocky's concert at the Fillmore in Miami, Florida following an altercation with A$AP Mob.

During the show, fans and Raider Klan members heckled Rocky as he performed. Following the performance, the Klan headed to Rocky's tour bus and a fight ensued.

SpaceGhostPurrp was arrested after the melee. ScHoolboy Q, who is featured on A$AP's "LongLiveA$AP" tour, took to Twitter to address the fight.

"LastnigHt was so corny.......... Wat type of niggaH sHoot in da air????" he wrote. "Better yet wHo makes a scene in front of POLICE???? Kno damn well tHey gon break it up!!! CatcH a real fade smH. All u Have to do is go to da side wHere nobody can see, tHen lock up and Ladd about it wit da Homies.. NiggaHz scary. Wateva let's da police deal wit it now smH..... I'm Headed to ORLANDO I gotta EAT!!!!! #TDE."

Raider Klvn respsonds to Q-->

^---claiming Q called the cops

another account
""first lemme say free spaceghost. aight so im chillin after the concert. i see robb banks come in w/ a ready to fight ass face so im like aight lemme follow these niggas. so everybody followin robb banks, shit me too. them niggas ran all the way to the back entrance and shit so i'm like shit lemme go see too. then this nigga Asap Bari climbed the gate like 'what up nigga' all of a sudden he caught a 2 piece. so yu know my ass. i pulled my phone out like aww shit. then i heard the gunshots but i was like fuck that i aint leavin. then Nast bony ass climbed the gate too, then another Asap nigga. then yu see niggas just catchin jabs. im like fool i cant believe this sht happenin in my fuckin face! im like damn fool im like the only nigga, in the world thats watchin this. so then a big black security pulled a piece an said "get the fuck back" so i'm like aight fasho, i'm slowly walkin back, then my phone rang. then i'm checkin my shit, all of a sudden, no video. fool, that shit had a nigga really like, hurt fool. i'm the nigga with the black hoodie and timbs. so if yu seen the fight, yu seen me, recordin nat bitch. them boys fought like men. no shit talkin. i appreciate that man, cuz nowadays niggas all lips no fists.""

Rocky dissing Spaceghostpurrp (months old)

Robb Banks and SPG dissing Rocky


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