Heavy D Appreciation Thread

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It's been exactly 1 year since the overweight lovin' MC died from deep venous thrombosis. (Let this be a lesson to anyone who sits for prolonged periods of time...DON'T!).

The man who gave Puffy a chance, before Bad Boy and all the success. And was the influence for Puffy's shiny-suit era.

The man who gave Biggie his first appearance on an official song.

The man who produced probably Beanie Sigel's greatest song (IMO): Feel It In The Air.

The man who didn't need to curse in his music and still maintained swag greater than most rappers could only dream of.

One of the few rappers to ever get an invite to collab with Michael Jackson.

The man who told Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence's story in the movie 'Life'.

The man who composed the theme music to In Living Color.

One of the first rappers to have acting gigs.

The man with one of the smoothest flows in hip hop.

And correct me if i'm wrong, but he was one of the first to successfully incorporate that reggae twist into his rap music.

IMO, he put out one of the smoothest rap albums when he released "Waterbed Hev". That was my shit back in the day.

That right...it's Hev Diggy.

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